Will the PS3 EVER reach 40 million?

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abcdario said:
I dont believe the PS3 will ever reach 40 million by the end of the generation.

You may not know, but we are reaching the middle of this generation and if the PS3 couldnt get the rails on it, it will never get them.

I almost can tell it wont reach 35 million, no matter how cheat it is, the GCN was at only U$99 and with great games, still was outsold my X-Box and PS2, the DC had a similar pattern, could get into the mass market and was outsold my the PS2, in the middle of that generation barely sold 200K everyweek.

Too bad for the PS3 fanboys but i m pretty sure and with lots of evidence of what i m saying.


u underestimate teh power of teh cell. But seriously, I understand if you don't believe that it won't be able to reach 40 million, but you expect the PS3 to sell less than 16 million by the time the next generation starts? I don't compute.

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Almost certainly.

50 million is still questionable though.

40m easily


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u underestimate teh power of teh cell. But seriously, I understand if you don't believe that it won't be able to reach 40 million, but you expect the PS3 to sell less than 16 million by the time the next generation starts? I don't compute.


We are in the middle of the generation the X360 started in Nov/05, it has been 3 years since then and they are close to 27 million, only 2-3 more years and the next generation will be upon us.

Most of the systems are sold in the beggining and while the Wii and X360 were able to catch some size in the market, the PS3 couldnt do the same, now fewer games will come to their system and the X360 will get the hardcore-exclusive games while the PS3 barely will survive with the X360´s ports.

What is next for the PS3 is a lowering in the sales no matter how cheat they were, it happened the N64 vs. PSone, the DC vs. PS2, GCN vs. X-Box and the GCN vs. PS2, i lived in the GCN era and we all believed and wanted that a price cut will do the favor against the other two system, no matter what game came out, no matter which price the system got, it never did anything in favor of the GCN dying in less than 4 years.

I was a little bit unsure about this path for the PS3, but know that Metal Gear Solid 4 didnt make it, i m pretty sure that no game will do it, too bad for the PS3 fan boys but at this point, they barely will reach 35 million.

I notice that a lot of the thinking is based upon persistence of current trends. That would be a mistake in regards to the PS3 which has flagged in public perception, and will continue to do so. Do not overlook the degradation caused by stigma. Basically the PS3 has run out of pertinent arguments. The sales pitch has gone stale, and the console has consumed the most loyal customers by this point. Those who have an adamant desire for the product.

The PS3 is fast becoming a middle aged console with a reputation carved in stone, and the past two years have not been kind to the console. It has been labeled everything from overpriced to under supported. This is like cholesterol in this industry. Get enough of it into the system, and it kills you, and even before you get there it does start to choke off sales which only hastens the demise.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Sony must aggressively address the negative image of their console within the next few months, or their console is going to languish, and slide into oblivion. The reputation is absolutely that shot to hell. In fact Sony not only needs to reinvigorate general consumer interest. They must also reinvigorate owner interest. Price alone will never do this. Just look at the sales of the major holiday titles for the console. It isn't like the premier shooter on the 360 has sales like that, or the premier platforming game on the Wii did that poorly. Owner interest in the console is waning, and the PS3 doesn't sell enough to replace disinterested owners.

Unless Sony can pull a miracle out of their ass I honestly see the console grinding to a halt around thirty five million sold. They are losing the price war, the library war, the public relations war, and the exclusives war. They are losing on too many fronts, and they are not winning on any front. Your not going to sell another twenty million consoles while the competition beats the crap out of you.

How the hell did we go from price reductions to save the console to its going to be in third place but will outperform its previous generation analog by one hundred percent, or two hundred percent. The console market has not expanded that much, and the majority of the expansion you see is relegated to one particular platform guess which one that is.

We need a real argument as to why twenty million more consumers just gotta have a PS3. When the Wii is novel, and the 360 does everything the PS3 does. Just that it does more of it for less.

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Kantor said:
Hell, yeah!

If it remains at a steady 10 million per year (it will do more than that):

End of 2008: 19.5 million
End of 2009: 29.5 million
2010: 39.5 million
2011: 49.5 million
2012: 59.5 million

But realistically, it would be more like this:

2008: 19.5 million
2009: 33 million
2010: 47 million
2011: 60 million
2012: 68 million
2013: 73 million
2014: 76 million

It could perhaps do 80 million lifetime, a little bit higher than the 360, with the Wii doing 170 million or so.

According to sdf it's more like this


(and a analyst company who then later removed this XD)

ah yes,, crasy sdf

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Neoraf said:
PS3? 40 million?

Sony will probably leave the gaming market in 2009.
Certainly in 2010 (if not 2009).


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Of course it will get to 40 million.IF the current sales kept going it would arrive there in end 2010 ,but in 2009 there will be a price cut ....it will boost the sales I think it can get to 35 million by end 2009 and 51 end of 2010.

Most of the "the console has negative image " ,"its losing the war and people know it " arguements are wishful thinking .THe 360 was outsold the whole year and it had negative image in most countries ,but price drops do wonders .

Besides ,the PS3 has some killer games coming :Trico ,Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 ,God of War 3 ,Gran Turismo 5 ,Final Fantasy XIII (exclusive in Japan ) ,White Knight Chronicles ,Ratchet and Clank 2 ,Infamous ,MAG .....plus all the multiplattform titles that it will still get no matter what .

I say definitely.PS3 throughtout it's lifetime will sell between 60-70 million units,Xbox 360 between 50-60 million,and the Wii between 90-110 million.

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