Who do you think are the best Sony developers?

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Give your top five, in order, and say why they are up there. I'll start.

1) Santa Monica Studio- God of War series
2) Team ICO- Shadow of the Colossus
3) Insomniac Games- Ratchet and Clank series, and also Resistance 2.
4) Naughty Dog- Uncharted, and also Jak series.
5) SCE Bend- Syphon Filter series.

We'll see who gets the most first places. Currently:

1) Naughty Dog- 12

2) Insomniac- 7

3) Team ICO- 5.5

4) Santa Monica Studio- 3.5

5) Polyphony Digital- 2

6) Clap Hanz- 1 (Please say it's a joke)

EDIT: Try to only give ONE first place...


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Insomniac or Naughty Dog.

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Naughty Dog or Team ICO.

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Well Uncharted in about 3 hours blew the entire Jak and Daxter series out of the water for me, and so Naughty Dog tops Insomniac now, while I do believe Team ICO to be third even though I never had the chance to play their games, from a visual standpoint their games look stunning even now in the "HD Era" of gaming... when I first saw ICO I wanted it so bad but didn't have a PS2 at the time... then when I got a PS2 I never found it to buy it...

Anyway let me stop blabbering and make my list.

Naughty Dog
Team ICO

Dead last is a tie between Santa Monica and GG.

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Naughty Dog or Santa Monica, cant go wrong with both.

ima go with naughty dog

insomniac,they are doing a lot this gen they create a new ip R and there is already a sequel R2,dont forgot ratchet and clank,all thats in just 3years

Naughty Dog


Santa Monica

Evolution Studios

Team Ico



1. ICO
2. Naughty Dog
3. Insomniac