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Here's my bit on this. I hope it answer you sevengen. I have had a 60 Gig PS3 since the day the console launched. Not once have I had to go and delete a games data yet. All of this and I still enjoy demos and download videos all the time. It's not as big of a deal as you think. Most games have very short install times to add to that.

I hope this somewhat addressed your thread. The only thing I don't understand is why you criticize the people who talk about the PS3's capabilities. The Wii cannot even play DVD movies. The 360's Arcade model comes with a 256 MB memory card which does not even let you play DLC without another purchase. It used to scratch discs and RROD every other day. Yet you say that mandatory installs are a huge enough problem for you to buy the competitions console.

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tehsage said:
Bah, Nintendo is doing it as well with the amount of memory on the Wii. >>

It isn't quite the same. I can play any of my disc based games without having to install anything and I don't have to wait 20 minutes to play my game (not all take 20 minutes, but I've had my 20 minute experience already)

With WiiWare/VC I agree, however that is the same as PSN, which I don't have a complaint about that installing to the HDD since it is the only way.

If you drop a PS3 right on top of a Wii, it would definitely defeat it. Not so sure about the Xbox360. - mancandy
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Mandatory installs blow, but the topic has been discussed to death already.

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DOATS1 said:

the 40gb ps3 can hold up to about 5-6 game installs at once. there is no chance in hell somebody is playing that


I have about 23 or so retail games plus a bunch of PSN games, my 40Gb PS3 has only just reached its limit.


It really depends on the games, though I do have some 'big hitters' with MGS4 + all the MGO expansions, sitting at near 6Gb, GTAIV with 3.5Gb, Fallout 3 with almost 5Gb and a large chunck with GT5-P.


lolz, I can't believe this crap is still brought up xD

The mandatory installs are seriously over-rated. Hell, if it wasn't for this thread, I'd have completely forgotten that I'd ever done any of them :P And keep in mind I have quite a few games. It's awesome, when we go to put more shit on our PS3, we take a look at it and go oh, holy shit... were filling up. We then proceed to go to the game data utility, and delete shit that we haven't played in forever. And so far.. it's worked out quite well >_>

In all honesty. If I had to choose between either "mandatory installs for every game", or "constantly loud disc drive that will literally destroy your disc's if the consoles moved at all". I'd opt for the installs. Every game on my 360 would go strait to the hard drive. This is a stupid topic at hand, and it really is just bitching and nitpicking for the sake of doing so.

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Right well, i had 10 games when i got rid of my PS3, and saves for all of them, and i was nowhere near filling the HDD, and i didnt have to reinstall anything so....this issue is not as big as the OP has made out. Sorry but no

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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This thread makes me miss the days of cartridges.

No load times, internal memory for saves...

Good times.

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Odds are that if you bought a release day Xbox360 and a release day PS3 your 360 RRODed before you filled your PS3 HDD...................

PS3-Xbox360 gap : 1.5 millions and going up in PS3 favor !

PS3-Wii gap : 20 millions and going down !

It's a sad day for humanity when people can't install things without getting a headache.

Ail said:
Odds are that if you bought a release day Xbox360 and a release day PS3 your 360 RRODed before you filled your PS3 HDD...................

I guess thats because there were hardly any (decent) games for the PS3 eh? OH look I can come out with fanboy crap too!