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leo-j said:
The media hates sony beyond the fanboys themselves.

The media does most of the anti-Sony campaigns. MS and Nintendo fanboys do not need to do anything.


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this gen, the psp was the one that was forgotten, sony needs to remodel it to something new before it falls to the dogs.

*pauses mgs4*
*reads &laughs*
*unpauses mgs4*

@Kyros: iPhone does compete with PSP outside games (which never was the strogest feature in PSP) to a large extent, but i do agree that iPhone isn't the reason if Sony decides to write PSP off.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

iPhone does compete with PSP outside games (which never was the strogest feature in PSP) to a large extent

Actually you are correct. MAde the decision for an iTouch and against a PSP myself because the better media capabilities, pocket friendly form factor and FAR better internet support were more important to me than the games. On the other hand iPhone gaming has some nice timewasters but comparing those to PSP games like God of War is a bit insulting.

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colonelstubbs said:
"Not, in fact, unlike the contrast between the Playstation 3 (modern, immensely powerful, and pricey) and the Wii (underpowered, basic, and cheap.) "

I predict a lot of people will moan about this comment in particular

Yeah the got it wrong Wii definitly isn't cheap considering hardware inside :D


this article is dumb

why complain of no touch screen when the item was launched when the competition introduced touch screen to VG fame.... It just doesn't work that way...
That and 40M sales is more than honorable, it's about the same number I predict for the PS3 (there for an other parallel) and it's not bad, it's good (but not great).

The PSP was a success and will remain there for a little bit... especially if sony does not plan on making a successor.


Finnbar said:

So the ds is inferior to the psp, but the ipod is much better because of flash memory less buttons and a touch screen?

No, the iPod Touch/iPhone are not better because of flash memory, fewer buttons, and touch screens alone, they are better because they can do everything the PSP can do and more, are comparable in power, and have flash memory, fewer buttons, and touch screens too.

According to Sega, the iPhone is as powerful as the Dreamcast, which at least puts it in the class of the PS2/PSP, something which the DS cannot boast.

When you factor in that the most expensive, professional studio released iPhone games are only $9.99 (and the majority are much cheaper than that), plus (with the iPhone) its music playing, movie watching, Internet browsing, text messaging, cellular call making, and GPS capabilities, well ... what reason is there to own anything else?

I have a DS. Loved it too, but frankly, I haven't touched it once since the day I upgraded to the iPhone. The iPhone's only drawback is that its lack of buttons and capacitive touch screen (which doesn't work with a precision pointer like a stylus) doesn't translate well to all game genres.

Sorry, but the Yahoo! article has it right. Sony kneecapped the PSP just like they did the PS3. It was a trojan horse to prop up UMDs, which was one of Sony's biggest blunders in a long string of failures trying to rule media formats, given they'd already had concrete evidence that the masses didn't want micro optical storage when the market rejected Mini-Discs in favor of solid state MP3 players.

nitekrawler1285 said:
It's quite amazing how Nintendo has set such a new standard as far as sales for hardware and software go. Now you have to 5+ million for games to be a success and any hardware that isn't breaking records is a flop. Looks like all systems are "failing" except the Wii and DS.

You realize that in less than 18 months the combined sales of the iPhone and iPod touch are pushing 20M units? Apple will pass Sony's PSP install base this coming year.

That is an ass kicking of epic proportions.

@Dryden: My mobile phone can do all that too, except that it doesn't have a touch screen and has less processing power than iPhone. So, i'm pretty sure there's a reason to own something else, and the reason is called battery life.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.