Which looks better, Fable 2 or Uncharted?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which looks better, Fable 2 or Uncharted?

Uncharted by a longshot.

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lol this thread fails…

The answer is obviously Fable…. :P

Seriously though Uncharted by far!!!

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hahaha uncharted for sure! Fable is like a HD zelda without all the zeldaness. both are very beautiful games though

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Uh, oh... Battle of bullshots again. Its quite funny that you can't find any REAL screenshots from uncharted for example. I say that winner is pong!

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Definetly Uncharted


Uncharted, no competition.

Is this a joke thread? I couldn't be bothered to read all of the replies.

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Uncharted is to this day unmatched on the consoles.

SpartanFX said:


Are you serious with this question?


have you looked at the faces of people in fable II when you talk to them?



hell yeah can't wait for the sequal :P

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uncharted no doubt about that...

but is not the best looking game this gen as many fanboys claiming , Gears 2 is...