The reason why Xbox 360 will Win in Japan

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nice calender

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Is he playing through composite cable lol. Calendar is nice. They have all kind of collections in Japan.

So this is the guy that have all the 360 in japan, because they are so few that i think this guy have the entire collection of 360 in Japan.

he has more than 160 games !!!

360 has already won in Japan. It outsold the Xbox in half the time.

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he just took precautions .... RRoD you know... :P


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Wow. This proves that the xbox has only sold to less than one hundred thousand people in Japan! :)

Awesome picture though. The panty-shot really shows it's japanese.

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I have a question, did you buy all those 360's because they kept RRoD'ing?

Heh, Just kidding, nice collection.

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Nice calendar....

Former something....

Merry Christmas random anon Japanese otaku Xbox hentai-kun.

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