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coolestguyever said:
buy the used PS3. Get Resistance 2, MGS4, and save some for Killzone 2.

Your opinion is irrelevent Eagles fan. I scratch it from the record.


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All right, Onxymeth, how many games do you have left over, exactly? Ballpark figure. Keep it to games from this year if you can.

PS3 is future proof, blue ray upcomming new games and the already released that are not found anywhere, PC you need to upgrade the system evry year or so, depending the upgrade and a lot of the PC exclusives are comming to the 360 too. So i say ps3.

I say... get a PS3. You have plenty of unfinished games for the Wii/360... and with the PS3 you'll have lots to play in 2009, and besides, you can't buy games for it, leaving more time for your other two consoles.

My friend,why spend money on a system (ps3 and pc upgrade) when you don`t have the time to enjoy your 360 games? You know that almost all games ar pc and 360,so invest in 360 games...2009 will not dissapoint you.

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Onyxmeth said:

@Izaaz-That's not really an option. I won't be able to keep onto the money. I'll either use it on paying off debt(which is under control), or end up on eBay buying a Giants playoff ticket. There's no way I'll be able to just hold the money though. Too much temptation.


That's not a good thing, especially in this economic climate. You never know when you're going to need the cash or the ability to cut back and manage your money. I'd go with play your unplayed games first then make a decision. If you've had to use it to pay off debt by the time you've finished them then think of the difficulty you'd be in if you'd spent it.


Khuutra said:
All right, Onxymeth, how many games do you have left over, exactly? Ballpark figure. Keep it to games from this year if you can.

All of these games were purchsed this year. If you mean their actual release dates, minus Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed, DOA, Condemned and All Pro Football

Fable II-At the halfway mark
Fallout 3-Just got out of the vault, very beginning
Assassin's Creed-Never played
Mass Effect-Never played
Devil May Cry 4-Halfway mark, too boring to finish
Tomb Raider Legend-About three missions left
Condemned-Second mission, just bought so I'll be playing it currently
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2-Haven't done much yet, but it's more of a remarkable art design of a game than something I need to finish
All Pro Football 2K8-Just played a few games thus far, it's a sports game so no need to finish anything
Call of Duty World at War-On Mission five or six in the campaign
Grand Theft Auto IV-2/3rd of the way through, no intention to finish anytime soon


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First of all, I say buy the games. There are some awesome games you have yet to buy, and right now getting another HD system is a matter of diminishing returns. Yes, I too would also like MGS4 and Uncharted and so forth, but I'm not buying a PS3 until Team ICO forces me to. Until then my money is better spent buying half a dozen or more Wii60 games.

Onyxmeth, I suggest you put off your purchases for a little while in favor of playing and completing some of your games. Here is a system me and my brother use:

Take a look at the games you want, and set aside money for them. Say to it, "Money! You are for Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, which I buy for the articles." Put it in an envelope, and label it "For Boobies". Do this for many games, but be sure to label them differently so you know which one is there for the articles.

Now, go play one of your games. Let's say you play Assassin's Creed and you finish it to completion. Now, you take that money you set aside for one game, and you go out and treat yourself. When you get this game, put it at the end of your queue, so it will be played in the future. Not right away! Then you get out Mass Effect or something.

This keeps you game flow constant and appetizing while encouraging you to play the games you already have, so you don't waste money. Wasting moneey is the devil.

And since the money is set aside, away from your checking account, you won't be tempted to spend it.

Why are you buying more games/systems if you have games that you haven't played yet?

fable 2 and gears 2