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mrstickball said: I saw multiple Wiis instock at a local EB games on a Tuesday night (of all times) it was only the 2nd time I've seen Wiis instock at any store. IMO, atleast due to that, my assumption is that within the next month, we should see the Wii become more available - not available everywhere, but readily available on Ebay and about 60-70% of isupply stores.
It's always been available on ebay. If you want to pay $100 more for it. I have noticed that the average selling price has dropped from about $375 to about $325. To me that signifies that the by next month we should start seeing them in stock here and there.

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Yeah, my friend has been looking for one for a while. We've seen them on eBay, and once in a while they'll get pretty close to retail, but never exactly retail...plus there's shipping. It's better to just wait it out I guess.

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Yeah, I've been helping a friend look and we can't find any, I would just wait.




Wii ? Probably there is no better place for a Nintendo-oriented gamers than Poland. There is absolutely no problem with Wii avalibility here. All internet-stores, Media Markt chain store - status "in stock". Want one - you'll get one.Today I was talking for a while to a shop assistant in Media Markt and he told me Wii supply is very low but even these few piece of hardware are still on shelves. The sale is luckluster (if you are an optimist). Xbox360 is selling much better here. I'd like to underline Wiilote (GC rev. 1.5 and Wii-sports bundled ) is an expensive stuff - you have to pay 1099 zl (~375$) while Xbox360 core costs 1199 (~410$ !!) to Sintinel 1. I do know you don't care. 2. I do know how small market Poland is. 3. I do know you can give me a dozen of links to stores with "Wii sold out" status. Only purpose of this post is an information from such exotic place where psp outsells ds and ps2 outsells everything else combined [img=http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/5326/wiiul5.th.jpg]

It's always funny when people report in from a country that has wacky sales numbers. With that said over here in Romania the Neo Geo's are flying off the shelves, the Metal Slug Anthalogy sparked a fresh desire for people to dig up the system, it's all anyone will talk about. There is huge game compititions at all the local pubs, fatal fury, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown. You simply can't stop the Neo Geo! And the Wii's have stopped selling about a month ago, I can buy one right now. Anyway I can't figure out why the Wiis are still sold out everywhere. Forget how high the demand is Nintendo has had months to crank these babies out they should have this problem resolved by now. I'm so tired of hearing how their sales would have been higher if they didn't keep selling out. This shouldn't be happening past january. That had alot at launch so I don't know why production is so wacky now.

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If I was Nintendo, I wouldn't be too concerned about increasing production (assuming that they already have increased it a little). Would you rather invest a lot more money into new factories or shifts to ease a temporary high demand? or just keep producing your system knowing full well that every unit will sell and you'll continue to get positive buzz about how nobody can keep your system on the shelves? And it's not like they're barely releasing any, as there have been 6 mil sold already.

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i must tell you that iam really jealous that you have itracker in america it is great to see Item Statistics and National Availability it is a pitty that we don't have this in europe ... we can never believe the sale numbers in europe till end of year btw. the 1% availability of the wii and 92% (!!) of the ps3 surprises me ? why are few people anyway tracking the ps3 when you can buy it everywhere ?

the scalpes wil always try to make a profit so teh ten thousand in store will still get sold and the scalpers will be left there with many wii's. that is what hapend with the ps2

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