Nintendo Fans, will you trade the Wiimote for Horsepower?

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No....hell no!
Motion controls are the reason i bought it!

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Yes! Trade in Motion control for a transportation console! Horsepower for the win! Gaming on the go!

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I say yes.  Because I'm a rebel.

But seriously, no.

here let me change som ething

"nintendo fans would you change your HD graphics for teh wiimote"

see if you had said that then i could have posted this

see he does wear a funny hat


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Honestly, i don't care either way. Having the Wii as it is, having a "Nintendo Console 5" coeval with 360, it wouldn't matter, because they would still be populated by Nintendo games. Software is why i follow Nintendo, because lord knows their hardware hasn't been all that compelling up until Wii. Motion controls are certainly fun, and a necessary step for the industry, but i could have been perfectly happy without them


Sure we wouldn't have the silky smooth tilt-control of Mario Kart and Secret Rings, wouldn't have the surpassing FPS controls, or the immensely gratifying motion-controlled kills of NMH, but it would still be a Nintendo console in the end

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Considering that I'd rather buy COD: WaW on my Wii rather than my 360, my answer would have to be no.

Speaking of WaW for Wii, how is that game? I'm considering picking it up today.

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Would I trade better games and more potential for glorified reskins of 10-year-old games wrapped in Marketing Shinies (tm)? Hell no. Give me the console that drives gaming forward; give me my Wii.

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There is much to hate about modern gaming. That is why I support the Wii.

Well obviously everyone wants to have a super console that has motion control, HD graphics, amazing first and third party support, and a great online community, all at a cheap price. However, no console will ever be that perfect. The Wii and the HD consoles offer different experiences and different games. If Nintendo fans wanted to trade the Wiimote for horsepower they would have bought a 360/PS3 from the get go.

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