Will we ever see another RPG like FFVII?

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I know we have several weekly threads about Final Fantasy, but I just beat Emeral Weapon without using the underwater materia - I can't help myself (Final attack + Pheonix / Knights of the Round and Mimic FTW!).

For years I have played RPG's. They are my favorite genre of games, and FFVII sits at the very top. The game is absolutley massive. It a decade old and still I play it almost every week on PSP. I can never get enough of the Story, world setting, cast of characters, and absolutley outstanding materia system incorporated into ATB. It is a perfect RPG in almost every sense of the word

We are not living during a time of bad RPG's. Just This year we got huge titles like Lost Oddyssey, Valkyria Chronicles, Fallout 3, I.U, TLR and the World Ends With You. All amazing titles in their own right, but they have nothing on the champ, which begs the question, will there ever be another?

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Playing Final Fantasy 7 was like watching the Fonz jump over a shark on water skiis ...

You are definitely going to expand on that cause I have no idea what you mean.

perpride said:
You are definitely going to expand on that cause I have no idea what you mean.

Essentially, I started playing JRPGs with Dragon Warrior on the NES and played all of the NES and SNES Final Fantasy games ...

Final Fantasy VII was designed around a gameplay mechanic where all the characters were interchangeable, and abandoned the elements of discovering the story in the game in order to push pre-rendered cutscenes.


If only there were a Final Fantasy VIII!! Square needs to get to work on that.

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FFVII just expanded a little bit on FFVI. It even has almost the same story.

You know most people don't think FF7 is as good as you seem to think, right?

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there already are a bunch of rpgs with emo main character

Final Fantasy VII has been topped many times since its release.

Personally i've played better WRPG's and JRPG's then Final Fantasy VII, do not get me wrong it is a good game but i just have played better.