What's the best way to get "banned" from this site?

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Asked for a ban from a moderator would be easiest.

Barring that, repeated or severe breaking of the forum rules

Generally rules 1, 2 and 4 lead to the thread being locked and perhaps a warning
5 and 6 generally get you a warning or short ban for a first offense, with longer bans the next time
8 and 9 are excellent ways to get banned

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Posting things about pop-up blockers would get a person banned pretty quickly.


Try being yourself.

best thing to do to get banned is smoke a peace pipe then go on vgchartz. yeah. its a good thing twesterm took out his sense of humor when i happened to do that.

Just show a severe bias towards one gaming system and then badmouth and berate the others at any given opportunity.

Or Catporn....that'll do it as well.


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Being caught on GAF cheating to VGC or posting Kim Possible porn

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Guys, guys, guys... Did you READ?

This guy asked the BEST way to get banned, not the fastest or most surest way.

The best way to get banned is to first create a thread about how VGchartz how awesome it is that VGChartz filters out everybody's password to make sure that no one steals it accidentally. and you demonstrate by posting a series of question marks like so "?????? <- See guys, VGChartz automatically detected that i was posting my password and filtered it out. I don't know how they managed to code this into the website, but i'm totally floored!"

Then when someone posts their password to see if it works, you log into their account, but just monitor it, don't actually do anything. This is particularly good for VGchartz, since no one can change their own password. Try to get at least 2 people this way

Start posting comments using one person, don't post anything inflammatory, but post using opinions that are completely divergent from their usual stance on something. Like if you're a sony fan and they are a 360 fan, talk about how great the Wii is. Do this from a library or something to ensure that your ip isn't traced.
Keep an eye on the PM system. You may be able to catch the real account owner sending PMs to ioi or the admins asking to have their password changed. don't worry if it gets changed, this is actually what you want.

With this, you can take one of the other accounts. Make a quick post that's out of the ordinary, but then immediately send a PM asking to have your password changed. If this works, you'll now have the account totally in your control.

Wait a bit and keep an eye out for a new account to be created that's similar to the account you were able to completely hijack. This will signal that the real owner is trying to contact the admins to get that account changed. Create a user with the name ioitemp, when you are no longer able to log into the account that you hijacked, send off a PM letting one of the admins know that you're ioi, and someone managed to hack your account and change the password, probably the same way that they got the other guy, so you need them to send you your password before he has a chance to do any damage.

In their rush to get "ioi" back his account, you'll now be in ioi's place, from here you lock every forum except the one supporting your console of choice.
Next, pick someone who posted in the thread but was able to change their password before you could catch what it was. Register a new account with a username similar to theirs.

THAT is the BEST way to get banned.

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Um usually the easiest way is posting a controversial opinion in a "sloppy" manner. But it's ok if you present a non controversial opinion in a "sloppy" manner. That's usually the biggest ones and one I really don't agree with because its useless bans if you ask me.

Other man one is name calling, no matter how warranted they may be, you can't tell people what they really are. Another one I don't totally agree with. Aside from that as long as you don't post any porn you should be fine.

@ grey acumen. So what if they ban you?? just create a new account, and use the shortkey to open the moderator menu (for those that don't know how, hold alt, then press f4, or hold down apple, then press q for us Mac users) then you can unban yourself

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