Will you play a sequel without its prequel?

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DKII said:
Metroid Prime 3, Fire Emblem 10, Resident Evil 4 all come to mind.


 Same here.


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No, not really. I played MGS2 before MGS1 and I've played R2 without ever playing the first one.

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I played FFX-2 without playing X. I also played RE4 without playing RE2.

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Incandescence said:
izaaz101 said:
Yes, very recently actually. I just played ToS 2, and I haven't played ToS 1 yet............although it's motivated me to try and find a copy of ToS1.


What this guy said.

I third what that guy said.


note: This is one of the things I love about handhelds. Often times one can get an original thats been ported on a handheld, without having to deal with emulators and roms, if they so desire.

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Mega Man series: Played it in this order, 9, 2, 3, [Legal cutoff here] 4, 1 (gave up >_<), 7 [Yeah, Mega Manless childhood =/]
Quake: played 3, 2, then some of 1
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Dgc1808 played Final Fantasy X-2 without playing Final Fantasy X.

That is so depressing.

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Well i played Shadow hearts 2 and 3 and never played the first one,,, but it was a shame cause the second one was super connected to the first,, but i read enough faqs and story reviews in order to connect to it.



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Oh yeah, I forgot another game I played without playing its prequel: Blood Omen 2. I only played it cause it was free. It SEEMS like there's a lot of backstory that was in the first game that I missed, but I actually went back and tracked down the first Blood Omen game, and the gameplay was just UTTERLY different, so I haven't really run into a lot of whatever story elements there are yet.

Usually I don't like playing a game that is 2nd or 3rd in the series unless I know that there isn't really much of a plot or storyline to the game to worry about, like Super Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog.

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I will... if i can't avoid it really or if it doesn't seem to matter too much.

Then i'll just go back and play the original if the game was good.