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sounds nice how come ur never on ps3 or r u on the wii to much

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I was on for a few hours this morning (my hot female "Home" avatar was almost raped 7 times!). My Wii is getting a lot of playtime due to "World of Goo". My 360 is my primary console, but since my disc drive died, it's just my NetfliXbox. I get Prince of Persia for the PS3 for Christmas. I'll be playing it alot then. I just prefer Xbox Live. The people on there seem like real people, rather than a list of names.

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360 aint that good

^To each his own. I'm buying another one in January. 60gig pro. Personally, I love it. All 3 consoles rock, though.

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yep but ps3 is better

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Anything except dark chocolate, yuck.

Nintendo still doomed?
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Lindt dark chocolate truffles (the blue ones)

ANY swiss chocolate

Hershey's is literally like crap in a wrapper

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Dairy milk is champion.

Belgian chocolate of course ^^ But I love oreo too, too bad it's so difficult to find em in belgium :(

Toblerone!!! yea not really, Twix really are the best.

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