The lack of Empire: Total War fanboyism in this site is appaling.

Forums - PC Discussion - The lack of Empire: Total War fanboyism in this site is appaling.

Why is there no hype around Empire??? Empire is going to blow any game out of the water. Maybe I'm the only one amped for this thing?? Weird..

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Its sad. I have never heard of it. Off to do some investigation.



ok, Imthelegend = living under a rock

It sure will be mindblowing. I guess the lack of hype is 'cause the vgchartz community is a little bit more console oriented.


I'll buy it if my laptop can handle it.

Rome Total War is fantastic and in Empire you can play as teh Dutch (=epic win).
But overall there's not a lot of PC minded gamers on VGC. That's easily understandable though.

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That why I haven't heard of it. Pc gaming. Never really got into it. Should probably but vgchartz is pretty much the only gaming site I go to. Never seen anything on this site about it.



I am one!!!!!!! Right here!!!!!!!
I own all the games of the franchise (shougun, rome, rome:barbarians, rome:alexander, medieval 1, medieval 2) and I'm still playing medieval 2 nowadays, so much fun to battle against the mongols during the crusades...and I love rome too, of course.
Can't wait for empire, so excited!!!!

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well someone should make a feature on empire. i mean come on, what could be more awesome?

It´s one of my most expected games, just after God of War3, I can´t wait to put my hands on it, but I heard it was delayed, do you have any info on that?





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yes, it was delayed to march 2009. i believe its coz they're adding a new multiplayer feature.. i forgot the exact reason though.