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Hey everyone, anyone has tried those cheapo adapters they sell on eBay that let you connect your consoles to your PC monitor? Do they give you prog.scan/720p/1080p?

Right now I can't afford a full fledged 720p TV, and 1080p are just appearing here in Mexico... at uber-high prices (+$3000 USD) and my monitor happens to reach 1280x720 and 1920x1080, but I'm hesitant to buy one of those adapters because I don't know anyone who has one and they look way too cheap.

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what adaptor are you talking about fazz? i have a sweet pc monitor in my room and would love to hook my consoles up to it

For example this one


That one doesn't has component, but I have seen ones that do have component.

While I haven't tried any of the HD ones, my brother once bought an SD one for his XBox. The results were decent, although it is hard to compare because it was placing an interlaced picture on a progressive display.

What is the price jump from the cheap ebay ones to a quality adapter? I have a 24" LCD which I also use as my TV and have a HD tuner and my Wii connected to it. It has component inputs and the picture is good.

Edit: my bro's xbox one used component inputs btw.

Edit 2: Just checked out ebay australia for a component one. AU$80 including postage for it. Much more expensive that the one my bro bought (which was around $30).

Where to begin.

All computer monitors are progressive scan. Computer monitors are rarely 16:9, even the wide screen monitors; 16:10 is the default widescreen monitor ratio.

360 outputs VGA - most high end LCDs offer both DVI and VGA, so that is an option.

If you have a DVI port, and a console that supports HDMI, there are cables that do HDMI to DVI. A quick googling brings them up for cheap.

As for component - its just really not worth it. The conversion boxes suck, unless you pick up a cable that has adapted component to VGA.

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