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Ok i got FF: Dissidia last night as it was delivered by the post man a day before release (official release is today) and only 1 word can describe it.. Magnificent!!

Now i will say something.. FF: Dissidia is 100% a FF fan service game. Im in FF heaven right now with all the FF chars, good and bad. Just finished the story mode with Cloud and will move on to using Squall. The game is heavly in Japanese so unless you understand Japanese you may have troubles. The reason why i say this is because the story mode is 100% Japanese and the menus too. You need to customise your characters as they level up they unlock new skills and abilities. Also passing levels in story mode and beating enemies in VS mode earns new items you can equip on the characters. As they are all in Japanese some affect stats and some enhance abilities (including giving bonus EXP) but its all in Japanese.

The fighting system i would says is similar to Naruto except the camera is behind the character your controlling and there is alot of wall running and life stream gliding (you jump on the life stream and surf around the map). There are 2 main attacks which i refer to a heavy and light attack. You can also equip 2 additional skills to the light and heavy attacks making it 3 each. There is also the EX break which is the Limit break. Fill your EX gauge through fighting or collecting these vials with wings (that spawn throughout the stage randomly) to fill it faster. Once its filled your in Limit break heaven. The limit breaks are nicely done. Squall's and Cloud's limit breaks are take right out of their FF games. Also the limit breaks work like QTE (quick time events). Once you preform the initial limit break attack you are then required to press square then proceed to do what is require (for Cloud you need to keep pressing circle to fill the limit gauge and for Squall you need to press the Right trigger button at the right time (like guitar heroes).

The game features Story mode, VS mode (which you can customise the CPU AI options quite nicely), Network battle for VS you friends through Wifi or Xlink. There is also a very unique thing. When starting up the game for the first time it will ask you which day you play most and how long do you spend playing games. Once you put that in, then it goes into the built in calendar in game. The calendar has exp bonuses and PP (pokke point) bonuses throughout the week so if your not playing you can still earn exp and PP points. Also Moogle (FF creature) sends you letters throughout the week with bonuses like PP points or maybe some items. The Pokke points are used to buy new characters, alternate outfits, optional voices, game art, movies (Squall VS Sephiroth is an epic one) and more.

I wont go into any more but i will say as i am a Final Fantasy Fan this game is like heaven to me. Other people that have never played Final Fantasy before or dont really like the series and character design may not like this game due to the simplicity of the fighting even though on the harder difficulties you REALLY need to work hard to win as sometimes the opponent just wont go down.

With the amount of customisiation and the requirement to level characters i can definitely see me playing this game for a very long time. Move over Monster Hunter. A new victor has taken over my PSP.


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That just made my already-high expectations... well, the same. Which is GREAT.
I'm glad you pointed out the features of the game and didn't spoil anything. That calendar-bonus thing will seem weirdly fun. It may possibly be a bitch. But hey, whatever gets you to un-dust your PSP.

First-day buy once it hits the States.

Sony will prevail. My 60 gig says so.

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Thanks Giggity. I didnt want to spoil anything for others so tip toed around certain aspects.

The calendar system seems more of a helper to give you that bonus exp and pp when your not playing the game. However i only got the game yesterday so its too early to say whether its a good idea or not. After a week or so has gone by then ill be able to see how good/bad it is. :)

Oooh.. sweet jealousy... Mine's going to arrive on January.... :C

This really is fan service at it's abslute finest, should get mine in just a few days. :D


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Have you used Kefka yet? Cause he is one of the main reasons why I want this game

This is going to sound silly, but does each character have their own ending?

...Just curious.

Wtf...how is everyone getting this game? is it out in the US already? >_>

Awesome review btw man, cant wait til i get my hands on this game.

@Lemieux - No i havent used Kefka yet.

@Khuutra - Yes they all have their own endings.

Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
Wtf...how is everyone getting this game? is it out in the US already? >_>

Awesome review btw man, cant wait til i get my hands on this game.


Im assuming some dont want to wait till the western release date and will import it.