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Can't we all just get along? D:

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how about shut the fuck up and who gives a shit?

Here here!

But as a natural by-product of the appeal of the subject matter, that of videogames - you're going to attract a young crowd to these boards, who still feel that 'LOL' is some kind of valid argument...an obvious truth of which there is no escape.

We need a new community called 'Preparation H' to deflate the 'Hemorrhoid' community away...I'm electing you to spearhead the campaign.


I wouldn't agree that having an agenda is an issue. There is nothing patently wrong or dishonest with having an agenda. Now if that agenda leads to using erroneous logic, or the manipulation of data in a fraudulent manner. Well then yes that poster is a bad poster, and yeah you sure as hell should call them on the fact that their bias is tainting their results. However once again having an agenda is not behaving in an improper manner. There is no requirement that they check an agenda at the door. That does not give you a license to troll that poster or their threads. I can say I hate some racial group. Does that mean it is alright to burn my house down?

I also would say I am probably one of the more problem solving posters on these forums. I have recounted in threads countless times ideas that would help Sony not only be more solvent but more successful. Unfortunately this is an opportunity that many Sony supporters have yet to embrace. Sony has options, and Sony has some very good options, but when posters share them its almost as if the crickets chirp.

I was front and center the first year saying Sony should make it a priority to integrate their PC massive titles into their console. Those titles provided free of charge would have been a major boom for the console, and for accessory sales. The console was starving for content, and here was Sony with thousands of hours of content sitting unused. This could have given them that virtual online community that they wanted. Home should have been shelved in favor of integration of these games. They got less for waiting longer.

Hell its still a good concept, and unfortunately it is looking as if Sony is going to piddle away an area where they had a supreme advantage to Microsoft. Sony promised the delivery, and instead it looks as if Microsoft is going to break into yet another market first. Had this been pushed hard by the community. I could guarantee you that the PS3 would have seen at least a million more units sold by this point. That would have been a serious value increase, and it would have drowned out a lot of negativity.


You know as shocking as it sounds most of the posters I am referring to are over twenty years old. They really should know better, and have some self control. They should be ashamed of themselves that this is how they spend their days. They are not even being creative. Just sad and pathetic.

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Well then they're worse than hemorrhoids they're anal fissures...if that's worse?

I think we should call out these posters and quote them in this thread so it's even more publicly humiliating for them. I'm sure the ones you're referring about see themselves as the innocent victim instead of the inflammed vein that they're choosing to be.

Here's a perfect example - http://www.vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=53232

Make no mistake this guy has an agenda against Sony...but if he chooses to search google all day for 'Sony sucks' and post the source material of a NEW article that pertains to their current crisis facing that company, then so be it.

The information is relevant and all the comments have been about the OP, instead of what the article is actually discussing.

UPDATE: They actually banned him for it! What?!

some good points but have you ever been to the Gametrailers forums? you would cry for days at the stupidity of people

yeah he had that ban coming.

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