PlayStation 3 Now a "Movie Downloading Machine"

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Took them long enough, 360 has had a great movie download service for 2 yrs and counting...

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I thought it was humorous. It just shows that the PS3 isn't just for college age males.

I think this is a good route for them to take 'marketing wise'. The hardcore fans interested in GoW and GT5 already know about the PS3 and it's features. They need to increase awareness in fence sitters that don't research consoles all day - yes the 360 has the same service available but they're not marketing it either...

Any tech savvy person reads this and goes 'meh, I can buy the blockbuster set-top box for $99 with 25 free movies', or a $99 netflix box, why spend $400...but most consumers aren't tech savvy and have trouble finding the 'on' button.

well, what were sony talking about this E3 ?
so how come u expect something else ?

Nintendo talked about shovel ware like CoD 5
Sony talked about movies for some reason ?
and M$ talked about over hyped games that will sell no matter how bad they are.

Hmmm..... this doesn't surprise me...

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erhaps itFishyJoe said:
So let me get this straight, they won't advertise the blu-ray features of the PS3, but they spend lots of money of promoting the download movie features of PS3?

perhaps it's because everybody and their grandma already know the ps3 can play blu-ray movies?


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Jackson50 said:
"...with a new commercial that aims to overcome the PlayStation 3's biggest obstacle to console dominance: girlfriends."

I thought price was the biggest obstacle...or were they attempting humor?

It was humor.

This is probably a last minute attempt to get some PS3's off the shelves....I don't see this campaign lasting long..

They need to focus on individual games,...not "what the PS3 can do (too)"  Those 10% or so titles exclusive to the system are what are needed to help differentiate them as a product from the 360 to your Mainstream or "average joe" gamer.   This helps that idea out ...some.  But, the main reason why people will buy the PS3 in the end is to play games.

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Weeeiiiiird. Right as I viewed this topic, this very commercial came on TV (watching football).

This is easly the best Sony marketing since the start of this generation. It shows exactly what the feature looks like, and gets straight to the point. Lets hope that they stick to this kind of thing for big releases next year. Marketing like this instead of the mind bogling games in windows, or crying babies should help make consumers much more aware of the product. Perhaps the person that thought confusing the consumer sells games has finally seen the door.

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