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About 10 years ago I used to play a game called Magestorm. It was made by the people (Mythic entertainment at the time) who would go on to make Dark age of Camelot... Anyway, the game was a FPSer were you picked a job class (cleric, magician, arcanist, or mentalist) and you fought in teams of three. Each team would have as many as 20 people on it and you would have a base that the other teams were trying to destroy... on the maps were mana pools and your team needed to control these to have 'fire power'.

A lot of games probably fall into the category above, but in this game you had up to three characters and you had to level them up. After you gained a level you would be able to research spells. One interesting thing is that you could not get every spell with your picks so you have to choose wisely,... kinda like what you wanted to specilize in.

Is there anything like this today, this blend of FPSer and RPG? Also... I hate guns so any of that kinda stuff is out.

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Seems kinda like Battlefield, except that has guns so thats out.

Thats the only game that comes to mind right now, based on your description.

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well I would say shaowrun for the same kind of experience.... but it's not RPG.... you don't level up.... but you have races, and you have to choose your powers before a party... but that game is multiplayer/online only.... now RPG FPS you have mass effect..... but it's more a RPG like star wars Kotor with a FPS style when it comes to fight your ennemies.... that's the 2 close to what you are saying that you might consider

You might enjoy Shadowrun (PC or X360), it's a blend of fps and fantasy (weapons, magic, and tech can be chosen between rounds by money you made each round). Although the game itself doesn't really have a mode like what you described and has instead modes that are basically like capture the flag (the flag being an artifact) and deathmatch.

A game I think you'll likely enjoy a lot even though it's not the kind of fantasy/fps mix you've mentioned is Team Fortress 2. It has classes of characters just like the job class system you mentioned although the ones in TF2 are not fantasy rpg based ones. It comes out this Fall/Winter.

hmm.. thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will probably check out each of the games you all mentioned!

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A shooter without guns? That's gonna be tough... Bioshock, System Shock 2 and Deus Ex are examples of FPS-RPG's, but they all have guns. They're great games... you don't actually HAVE to use guns with System Shock 2 at least (there's a Psionics skill-class), but all of those games are also primarily single player, so oh well - I tried.

The game Legend11 mentioned, TFC2 (and the original as well) are fantastic team-work FPS's with a unique class system. Has guns though (95% of games have guns, dangit.)

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory and Quake Wars:Enemy Territory are fps team games that feature classes, leveling up and objectives. RTCW:ET is a free download and is super fun, but it's now old and probably not very populated. QW:ET is coming soon! These sound pretty similar to what you're talking about, except for the fact that they have guns.

my thing about guns I know limits the playing field... Magestorm was more about magic and things like that so the cleric class had spells like call dead, raise dead, heal, prayer, death knell ... things like that

the magician class had things like ice bolt, fire bolt, shrapnal...

the mentalist class was the elusive type class that had mind spells

arcanist was all about mana and taking away other peoples mana

I just don't care for gun games

well then you have plenty of RPG you can play as a mage... I'm on neverwinter nights 2 on PC right now and I am having a blast with my druide shapeshifter...