How many languages do you speak?

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Tremble said:
In fact, no american has post here yet ^^

Then let me change that!




But I'm currently learning 2.... Norwegian and Portuguese


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Norwegian and portuguese Oo? Why?

Uhm let's see....
French (not really good ^^)
Chinese (almost better than French ^^)

Decently only Portuguese and English. I can read some Danish, Swedish and French (and well, Spanish and Italian but that goes without saying since they're quite similar to Portuguese) and I can understand some spoken Swedish.


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Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese, and a bit of Japanese

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Finnish, English, Swedish which are compulsory subjects in Finland and I have studied 6 years German too.

English, Polish and German (basics, i use to be good but havent used it in a looong while)

Tremble said:
Norwegian and portuguese Oo? Why?

Yea why portuguese?


The problems is that americans do not need to speak to many languages because, all their things are in english. By the way English, Spanish.

I speak 2 languages fluently, Swedish and English.

I can make myself understood in French and Japanese, if only barely.

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