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Mushroom Men did really bad in US last week with around 2000 in sales. When you look on gamerankings you see that only 6 reviews are avaible. 4 of them are almost all over 80 (IGN's one score is 79) what means it is a good game defenetly deserving more than 2000 of first week sale. 

Now how a GOOD unkown unconventional game from an unkown devloper is suppose to sell if even gamers on the web does not have access to information on it. The point it that it seems to me that most gaming sites prefer reviewing blockbuster games that more people will read than somewhere more indie or low profile games. I think thre is some people here not doing their job correctly. People complain about the lack of new ips but its not maybe companie's fault only. 

I'm  getting Mushroom Men next week but still, the fact that it completly lacks hype is very sad. What do you think??

(ps sorry for my writting mistakes English is not my first language)

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hopefully word of mouth carries it if its good. How have the reviews been so far?

Reviews have been pretty good. It seems like the platforming mechanics are not really innovative but still good. The fighting is a bit generic but the graphics and especially the music are great. The artstyle also defenetly worths the look. It have a length around 10 hours. So its at least a rent for wii owners and a must buy if you're a fan of the genre. It also have a very cool old sci-fi movies aspect.

give it a try guys

The last trailer looked pretty cool (some nice ideas with the weapons and the main character finally had a face) but seriously who wants to play as a mushroom?

Who is fault?

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how do you know it sold 2000 units?

This game doesn't have "Wii" or "Mario" in its title...it was destined to fail on the Wii

Faxanadu said:
Who is fault?

He said English wasn't his first language. Don't be such an ass (I know it's hard, for you atleast :) Anyway, game probably sold badly 'cause nobody knows/cares what it is.

@ 11ht11
Visit the American Charts of this week and chose Gamecock as developer.

Posts like the one of BMaker11 are so constructive! Keep on the good work.

Maybe people already spend money on big name games ,so their hardly noticed new game that haven't had enough advertising (from unknow developer + new IP)like this one.