Forums - Gaming Discussion - i am gonna start a rpg thread to talk about my favorite genre.

i will keep this thread going, every monday - wednesday and friday i will bring up a new topic too talk about or a game too talk about. also if anyone would like to make a suggestion on a topic too talk about on a certain night pls message me and i will use your idea for the next discussion night. i hope everyone who likes or loves rpg games as much as i do will want too attend this meeting on the nights i mention and have a nice talk about this genre which has a long and storied history through gaming. thanks for anyone who join this club or attend the meetings. :)

i have decided to make a change to this long standing thread : pls put this into your sig if u are a serious player of the rpg genre.


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Battle systems!

Let's talk battle systems :D

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battle systems are quite yummy lets do it.

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battle systems ok , thats a very good idea for our 1st talk. to be fair too everyone , i will wait and see which idea for the 1st talk gets the most votes and after tonight i will post tomorrow the winner and then on monday that idea will be the lead topic. also i will write down the other ideas and will use them in the following discussion talks. thanks for the possible topic leads.

I guess for the first discussion we should gow ith Battle Systems.

I'd also like to talk about their stories too.

I'll prolly be the only one(or guy) that suggests this but I'd like to talk about the love stories in RPGs. particularly JRPGS...

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@deotoxslayer the stories in jrpg's is the most important part for me of rpg games. for instance the story in "lost odyssey" was the best i have ever seen in a jrpg made me think of things in rpg's that i havent before and also moved me cause the story was so thought out. i'll me the 2nd to suggest love stories in rpg's as well, final fantasy 8 and final fantasy 10's love stories i thought were very good.

I'm not talking about them since right starting Lost Odyssey then going thorugh Enternal Sonata then Fable 2 and then Chrono....>_> I'm not going to think about RPGs for awhile...

Anyway, let's make a vote...

All your Yuna are belong to miz1q2w3e :3

My favorite battle systems are either traditional turn based (I.E. Dragon Quest) or anything done by tri-Ace (exclusing IU and Radiata Stories).

We'll miss you George.



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I prefer either enough strategy that I have to think about every battle such as in Valkyria or in a regular turn based RPG something like PErsona.

If there's not a lot of strategy I like a timed sequence to keep my attention during grinding like in Shadow Hearts