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As a PS3 owner, one of the bonus our console provide is the ability to play BlueRay.

Despite this, I have never felt the need to take advantage of this feature until this week. My system is now more than a year old, and throughout that time one excuse after another put me off buying them. I wasn't really that interest in the catalogue of movies that were coming out, the price was too high and the normal dvd which can be scored at a bargain price was perhaps 'good enough'.

With the launch of The Dark Knight, I finally gave in and bought it along with the critically acclaimed Planet Earth.

I must say that I enjoyed watching the doco more than the Dark Knight, I felt the visual expirience was superior, and having watched the Dark Knight in cinema before felt the later more 'new' and refreshing.

So that is my first BlueRay purchase and I was fairly content with it. But this also got me thinking as to just how many PS3 owner actually bought the Dark Knight? And for how many of them is this a first BlueRay purchase?

Please share you expirience; did you get the Dark Knight? Was it your first BlueRay purchase? If not then what was your first purchase? Did you feel as if the premium cost was worth it?

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I have never bought a Blu-ray, and I never bought a DVD. My wife likes to buy movies, but not very often. I could see myself buying The Dark Knight, but I just rent on Netflix all the time, so I probably won't get any Blu-ray movies unless they are given as a gift.

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i strongly believe that HD in movies is almost useless if you have a good scaler (stand alone/BR player/TV set) and you watch movies from more than 2,5 meters...at least if you don't have a 50"+ screen.

in other words in the ordinary home theater enviroment (42" Tv set; 2 to 3m viewing distance) almost all the difference you see between a DVD and a BR is linked to the quality of the scaler/deinterlacer....just try a BR player with decent upscaling/deinterlacing capabilities (NOT the PS3 in other words) and you'll see that for yourself.


in my house i have a 100" screen with HT projector (3.5m viewing distance) and in my case despite the good upscaling capabilities of my player (or of my projector as both of them feature the reon HQV chip) i do actually see the difference between a DVD and a BR...but if i had a "regular" 50" plasma i don't think that i could really tell the difference between a DVD and a BR from 3.5 meters...or at least i don't think that the difference i could see would worth the money

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