Why did no-one tell me how awesome Viewtiful Joe is??

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why did no-one tell me how awesome Viewtiful Joe is??

I just bought Viewtiful Joe 2 for the GC from a video rental store for $5 Au


This game is sweet! Why didn't you guys tell me this earlier?? :P


Is it worth me tracking down the first game too?

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Yes.. I actually found the first game better.. much harder then 2... :)


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It's your own fault if you didn't know. One_touch_KO tried to tell you.

It's best on PS2.

Yes it is an awesome game, i would have told you scottie if you'd only asked;)

@I8A_4RE: Why do you think it's better on PS2, because IGN, Gamespot, Metacritic and Gamerankings beg to differ.

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Controls better.

Yeah, definitely. The first one's better, so go for that.

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I shall see if anywhere has the first one in then

Excelent game, a Classic game for the Cube.

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the first one is waaaaaaay better + many people have bad taste in games, especially challenging games.
If u dont play and beat the first game one V-rated mode then ur missing alot :P