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So I've been looking around and it seems that there's no official thread for this game. I see discussion in review threads and on the game's wall but no single thread for it all. So...I guess here it is.

So what's the VGC consensus? How long have you played? Where are you in the game (no spoilers, of course)? What do you like/dislike about it?

I have the game...for Xmas. So it'll be awhile before I can give my final opinion.

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I'm ~28 hrs in, chapter 8. It's my first Tales game, and I rather like it. I like the fighting system, but don't like that I can't use all the characters. There's a couple in mind that I'd like being, besides Emil and Marta.

One real big thing that I hate is the amount of cutscenes, and some useless things that are said, which prolong the cutscenes. However, I don't mind the skits for some reason, even though there a lot more of those (probably because they are so humorous).

38 hrs and completed once through. I'm eventually going to start a second playthrough and see how much of a completion I can get done. My consensus of the game is its awesome and everyone should buy it haha.

i want this game, but buyin ToV is priority #1

I bought this game the week it came out (so at full price), something I don't do often. This was really the game I've been anticipating to play during the holiday season. Sadly, like I posted on the wall, I just couldn't get into it. There are so many things about this game that give a bad first impression, almost like a constant reminder that the game is a spinoff you paid only $40 for. I actually wanted to create a thread warning people about this!

To my surprise, when I checked the wall, people were praising the game. It's possible the game does get much better, I'll see for myself in 2 weeks when I get the game back. It probably didn't help that I was playing the game with my bro, all the bad scenes / problems in the beginning were kind of amplified - we were completely disgusted, in awe of how awful the game seemed to be... I can't think of a JRPG I've really played and disliked, and don't want this to be my first, so I'll just hope for the best.

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cord- as I said on the wall it took me a good 2-3 hrs before I really got into it but once you hook up with Marta on your team it really starts to carry along quite nicely. And the story keeps leading up to something and that something is the ending cutscene so its very surprising almost all the way through.

But if your getting annoyed by the characters too much then its doubtful you'll like the rest of the story. Then you'll just have to try and enjoy the pokemon like aspect to it.

I'm 14 hours in and am at the beginning of chapter 5.... i'm taking a break from playing though because who knows when another awesome wii game comes out :(


Im 14 hours in i think, Chapter 5. I think im just finishing it. Full of lol's

i just got the game, will start it after i finish "twilight princess".






It's one of my favourite games ever. I've beaten it once and I'm on my second playthrough now right. =D

As much as I love ToV I haven't played it since I've bought ToS2.

I can't think of anything I dislike about the game.. It's just that good, imo.