Police Kill Teen After Xbox 360 Theft

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I knew the 360 was great, but that great?

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Xbox 360 has much love for duh Hood Confirmed?

oh my god, i cant believe in my eyes...

we live in crazy world, stop this nonsense now pls.....

He pointed a gun at the police officers, that's why. Nothing less, nothing more.

This will only take a moment of your time. *steals your watch*

Headline should read:

Police kill teen after he pulls a gun on them.

Much ado about nothing really related to video games.

Perp tries to escape. Perp shot. Perp dies.

Unfortunate. But understandable since he pulled a gun on police seeking to arrest him -- for ironically, pulling a gun.

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good work officers!

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Kind of a misleading topic title.

This will only take a moment of your time. *steals your watch*

I agree... pulling a gun on an officer is a sure fire way to guarantee that you get shot.


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Sheit, we pull guns on police all the time down here in New Orleans..getting shot for it? That's absurd..

Yeah, misleading news story. The kid had just committed armed robery, was surrounded by police, and (not even in a heat of the moment situation, he had time to think) pulled his gun oon the police.

No death is good, obviously. But this kid brought it upon himself