Who is your favorite movie composer?

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John williams. Hes legendary

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John Williams or Hans Zimmer

Michael Giacchino

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I like many others too, but Ennio Morricone is my fav.

Stwike him, Centuwion. Stwike him vewy wuffly! (Pontius Pilate, "Life of Brian")

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Hans Zimmer.

His music is incredible.

Love his songs from The Dark Knight and Interstellar.


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I love Hans Zimmer's music too. Interstellar is indeed incredible.

For sci-fi Tron legacy by Daft Punk and Oblivion by M83 stand out for me as well. Too bad it wasn't enough to turn those movies into classics.

Hans Zimmer could have easily won for his score in Gladiator also. That being said I'm glad that Tan Due won for Crouching, Tiger, Hidden Dragon not only was the score great it featured some great solo work by Yo-Yo Ma who also is a big fan of Ennio Morricone. He has a album where he covers some of Morricone's best work "Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone".

John Williams.

John Williams or Howard Shore for his work on LOTR.

Leadified said:
John Williams or Howard Shore for his work on LOTR.

Don't have problem with him winning a Oscar for the first LOTR film but House of Sand and Fog should have won the Oscar instead of LOTR: Return of The King.