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Something far away from TP. That is all.

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- It should be much much harder, both enemys and puzzles, because TP was easier than ever.

- Also it should have plenty of deep sidequests, like OOT & MM. I can't remember one deep sidequest in TP.

- TP tried too hard to be like OOT, the next Zelda should not, IMO it should have a story outside Hyrule once again.

But im afraid none of those will happen, cause the only thing on Nintys mind lately is Casuals. :(

K i know this is a bit inspired by SSE, but id like, nay, love to see a Mario-Link game.
Play as Mario in Hyrule, as Link in Mushroom kingdom, then they join up for the last world( with Bowser and Ganon at the end depending on who you pick).
A better co-op mode may never have existed

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Instead of "ideas for the next Zelda" how about Nintendo thinks "new IP"?

Yay! my first thread that more than 2 people replied to! I also agree with the difficulty! TP was waaay too easy. i never got stuck once. It means less anger but also less satisfaction when you beat it. And yes. polish the story more. Nintendo needs to work on making all their stories more epic. I wanna see navi have some kind of purpose besides floating around and giving hints too. And a really freaky haunted dungeon. something that makes you scream. And better 1:1 wiimote sword action!

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Khuutra said:
c03n3nj0 said:
Am I the only one who wants a futuristic Zelda?

They could keep all the things like the old ones except with a futuristic setting and a different story.

...Explain to me how that would improve anything, though.


 Make it more interesting, I guess. But a different, darker story could be great. Instead of having the normal characters they could introduce new ones, since it's the far of future.

Also they could mix more things in gameplay wise, they could add flying, they could have some sections in space where there's different gravity and room for new puzzle ideas.

It just seems like a really good idea to me.

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I'm not looking for a big change. Please no leveling up and no future setting. Most of us love the series mainly how it is and just want more of it now. I'm looking for a longer(more side missions at least), harder (maybe choice of difficulty), better looking(wii graphics), better playing (wii motion plus) game. I'm hoping they integrate the best aspects of the other zelda games into this one. Example: Multiple Islands, various weapons, magic meter etc. I would also like to see new things such as voice acting(everyone but Link), orchestrated music(come on really), cutscenes(ala Brawl. Actually better lol) and more creative bosses (not get new weapon, hit boss three times, get heart) Finally I want this game in 2009 or as soon as possible.

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First of all, a HUGE thank you to earthbounding for allowing me to use the videos.

We already know that a new Zelda is in development, and for what few truths we do know about it, there’s an infinite amount of false information, rumors, and speculation.

Enter earthbounding. Over the course of several months, s/he has pieced together what we know to be true or could possibly be true based on what few clues there are from the Nintendo team–what you are about to see could very well be what the next Zelda (which I will refer to as “New Zelda”) could be like.

Video #1: The game’s production (released July 22)

The Next Zelda: What We Know About Production

What we learn from this video:

–Confirmation from Miyamoto-sama that New Zelda is in development in a post E3 interview
–This “Zelda team” is made of younger developers, it is explained that new faces will possibly bring new ideas to the series
–All that have experience with the Zeldaverse will be working alongside the new faces
–New Zelda is NOT a sequel to Twilight Princess
–The basics of the game is the same, the question is: Is Ganondorf involved?
–New Zelda will have a better soundtrack

Video #2: General Information (released August 8)

The Next Zelda: General Information

What we learn:

–New Zelda has been in development since mid-2007, which means that as of this video’s release, it has been in development for about a year
–Overworld, Link, dungeons, enemies and the like have been made and are in beta as of this video’s release
–Trailers have low chance of appearing at this time (likely E3 2009)

Video #3: Clues From the Nintendo Team (released August 15)

Clues From Team Nintendo

What we learn:

–Wii team and DS team are intermingling
–Does the Phantom Hourglass team being on board mean Toon Link will return? No
–Will New Zelda be in first person? No, but the idea isn’t impossible
–New Zelda may have groundbreaking new ideas

Video #4: More Clues (released August 19)

More Clues

What we learn:

–Production likely began 3 days after Twlight Princess’ Europe release
–New Zelda may have more motion control
–Midna may return if the fan support is high enough

Video #5: Even More Clues (released August 29)

Even More Clues

What we learn:

–It is possible that New Zelda could go casual
–We now know production started in mid 2006. Assuming successful franchise games take 3 years to make, New Zelda could come sometime in 2009, maybe 2010 if delays and things are accounted for

Video #6: General News (released September 12)

General News

What we learn:

–Rumored game called “Axis of Shadow” is fake
–New Zelda will have its own engine, could use the Wii’s full power
–The rumor of another character and a “modern” Hyrule is addressed, those ideas were concept artwork and were eventually abandoned.
–There is a version of Twilight Princess in first person, this was just a test of a scrapped idea
–New Zelda could have scratched scenes from Twilight Princess trailer

Video #7: New Clues (released October 1)

New Clues

What we learn:

–Zelda herself might play a larger role, or get her own game like Peach did
–New Zelda could be based entirely on motion control, and possibly have one-on-one fighting
–Wii Motion Plus could be used
–New Zelda will appeal to both the casual and hardcore crowds
–Aonuma-sama will be part of the team, will be exclusively made by Nintendo
–Possibly two Zelda games in the making

And finally (for now), Video #8: The Most Recent News (released December 3)

The Most Recent News

What we learn here:

–New Zelda is based on existing IP
–Possible release date now appears to be 2010/2011
–New Zelda could be at 2009 E3
–No voice for Link
–1 on 1 fighting could be a cool extra, or only for a short time a la Ocarina of Time
–New Zelda will have a more story based plot

New Zelda could even pass Ocarina of Time as the best Zelda.

With all this information, you can see that the next Zelda game is shaping up to be something big…We’ll wait and see just what the team at Nintendo has in store for our favorite Hylian hero.

Until next time, happy gaming,

That's a lot of info!! I hope it makes it efore 2010 though :(
But great news a lot of hints already. And maybe 2 games being made? Nice

here's an idea, make the damn game fresh, screw the formula , innovate and take a chance, after all isn't that what Nintendo's all about these days!!!

But what I actually see happening is Nintendo rehashing the same game, link again will not utter a single word, and people will eat this game up and it will be heralded as the best game eva...

Stop trolling.