Planning to buy Xbox 360 or Wii...Few questions.

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If you have a PS3, get a Wii.

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yes if you have a ps3 definitely get a wii. while 360 does offer some great games that ps3 doesn't have. its mostly the same experience while the wii offers something completely new. heck all you need is wii sports, mario kart, and ssbb to have an solid multiplayer system (if conduit has great multiplayer that'll be crucial) and zelda, smg, metroid prime, fire emblem, and ToS for an solid single player system. not to mention full gc compatibility, huge VC library, and Wiiware greats like world of goo. no question about it since you already have one of the HD twins, wii is the much better choice to get a better array of the best titles this gen.

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The next Mothership "Tales of" is also coming for Wii. If

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Hard to decide....
I might get Wii,because my roommate has Xbox 360...
But then again,I don't find enough games for Wii that I would enjoy...

Should I get Ds like last year :D



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Did I miss the part where you said you have a PS3?

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He has PS3 games in his profile.

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Get a Wii and be happy.

VivaLaWiida said:
The next Mothership "Tales of" is also coming for Wii. If


i heard this too. the wii seems to be a good choice if you're into the tales series.

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get the Wii unless you absolutely HAVE to play Gears.

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