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I don't think they meant to say that IU uses the UE3 engine badly. I think they're talking about the lack of polish in recent SE titles and use IU as an example...


Read the article, IGN clearly says that both games use UE3 engine.

Anyway, I only agree with #4 and #5.

- #1 is bs for obvious reasons.

- #2 I disagree with since TLR has quiet a good lip-sync and voice acting from what I saw and heard.

- #3 They suggest SE's jRPGs should become more like wRPGs (Fable 2, Obvlion) I dont think many Square/jRPG fans are gonna like this idea. And I'd like to know how come Oblvion's towns are "full of life and interesting characters"?

Overall this article is funny, not because it is completely wrong or something, as I said - I agree with #4 and #5. It is funny because IGN bashes a game developer for poor technical perfomance of their games, while at the same time IGN fails to make their own job done properly (as the journalists) in the very same article.

No, they don't. Beside the fact that they don't state that, it's well known that tri-Ace use their own custom engines.


Are we reading the same article? Because I see that sentense in there - Both use Epic's Unreal Engine 3


Wow, I missed it.

Didn't tri ace say that they're using their own engines though...?


tri-Ace said that they always use their own engines.  We need to teach IGN a thing or two.


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ign is not the only one gamespot gave the game a bad review. stop trying to blame ign because the game is bad

Resistance owns!!!!!111 one!

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Unreal Engine 3 games usually have a lot of texturing issues. That said, Infinite Undiscovery uses UE3 engine? I though it was a custom, Tri-Ace developed one.

It is.  tri-Ace themselves specifically said that their games are made with their own engines.  They even said that IU and SOTLH are being made with the same engine.  The one thing I don't get is that even though they are both supposably made with the same engine, IU is a technical mess while SOTLH looks very polished even though it doesn't come out for another 3 months.  I wonder why that is.



There's quite a lot of things I dislike about IU and theres also equal amounts I do like.. that said  SOTLH doesn't have that freedom (unlike IU it loads into a seperate battle screen) or number of characters appearing onscreen plus with IU like most 360 games you control the camera with the right analogue.. sometimes manually switching the camera into the wrong place.. thats one of the dislikes.. I guess with SOTLH things are more controlled whereas in IU things are much more loose.

Boss fight Saranda (first 2 mins are a bit slow cause of weapon enchanting.. :/)


Earlier on in the game taking the new recruits out for a spin


Well, IGN isn't the only site that gave the game a bad review. So they shouldn't take all the blame if you're on the side of defending the game. Even Team XBox and the Official XBox Magazine gave the game less than stellar reviews. So if IGN was unfairly biased against S-E or MS, what's the excuse for Team XBox and the XBox Magazine?