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$100 for a wireless adapter if you're a moron.  Either buy it used or don't use M$ brand.  The ps3 doesn't come with component cables.  Bigger issue imo.  But still, kinda the same thing.  Costs $30-50 on top of the console.  If you're a moron.  Again, buy used.  Or better yet, buy an hdmi cable onilne for $5.

As for the advertisements... are you Fn kidding?  Oh noes.  4 inches of unused space is advertising M$ games on a microsoft console.  I like those advertisements.  Especially for live arcade.  I forget about games all the time, but then those ads remind me.  The new penny arcade game is a great example.  I still probably wouldn't have realized it was out if it wasn't for those ads.  In short.  Boohoo ya baby.

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Infamy79 said:
DVD drives fail, mine has already gone in my Wii from Xmas in the launch year
I don't play it that much either

Very true.  My cousin has had his PS3 disc drive fail twice and my friend's has failed once, so no disc driveon any console or system is perfect.

FinalEvangelion said:

Do you want to see MS have the same kind of monopoly over the gaming industry that they do with Windows and Office applications?

With Windows and Office, we as consumers and small businesses have to pay a huge premium over market price because it's really the only viable option.


Sometimes is good to remember how Sony is doing this with the game industry, and thanks to the competition, probably it won´t happen again for another gen at least...

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