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It does look better then the video from TGS, I will say that

The text you posted about the Co-op and the Blood are some interesting concepts and sound promising if From Software can pull it off.

Cautiously optimistically hopeful

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>_> I will not comment...

Former something....

Torillian said:
Well the video still has me cringing, so we'll see what happens when it comes out.

On the question of its category, it depends how linear the story ends up for my personal designation.

Good.. At least now I know I'm not overeacting. I though I was the only one who cringed when I saw the vid.

makingmusic476 said:


A Japanese third person Oblivion with epic colossal bosses ala Shadow of the Colossus. ^_^

(Though they didn't copy Shadow, as they had similar bosses in the old King's Field series.)

My main worry about this game will be technical issues. I heard reports of it barely maintaining 20fps at TGS, and as Konnichiwa pointed out, there are some serious clipping issues at times.

I seriously thought this game would have another 8 months or so to cook, but I guess not. :/


 I hope they fix that. It's very unforgivable if they don't fix those obvious problems. :S

Blacksaber said:
>_> I will not comment...


 I see you've been silenced by it's "BEAUTY.." :P

Higher res version of the video in the OP:


I'm really liking the atmosphere. The castle reminds me of the castle from Return to Castle Wolfenstien, but in a fantasy setting.

I REALLY hope this game isn't ruined by stupid technical issues. :(

But this is From Software... *sigh*

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wow this game looks like crap, well for me, I'm biased since I can't stand WRPGs and it sure looks WRPG.

Honestly, if I can get alot of play hours out of this I think I will enjoy it, this looks like it can be alot of fun, just hope that we get patches ATLEAST for the clearly obvious framerate. Overall I can say that this game has my interest right now. Looks like I WRPG, but that doesn't really bother me, once the game is done well and will last me for quite some time.

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i hear the ff verus 13 music

Resistance owns!!!!!111 one!

The weapon and armor remind me of diablo. This game will be marked down for the camera (close quarters and 3rd person dont mix well) and the TGS video was lame. It looked like someone didn't know what they were doing and just pushing X.

Anyway... how the hell does that multiplayer work? First off you in single player. Then someone needs to find your blood... but how does the blood apper for them if you arent online in the same game as them when you die... the concept sounds cool though.

I seriously hope this game turns out lovely.

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