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I have never been excited about the game, and lookie there. A tank.

I'm glad I didn't allow myself to get excited over this horrible game.

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I had high hopes for this game actually...I think I posted somewhere here where I thought it'd be the first JRPG to get AAA status....meh.

GOTY Contestants this year: Dead Space 2, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces f. Everything else can suck it.

I'm glad I wasn't hyped for this one, but I'll get it when it drops to $20.

honestly why do they ship a game with technical issues(i mean a big company like Square enix),,,both of the versions should have been delayed and issues should have been taken care of.




Same thing happened to ToS: DotNW. Just try not to look into it too much.

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what's wrong with Tos:Dotnw then ?? :o

Its a good game. If you love JRPGs you will love this game.

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Reader's Average is 8.1

Rent it first and judge it yourself. This generation there has been no love for JRPG for some reason.

Because they've they've been ending up on the 360. People then starting calling the 360 the "RPG King" of this gen.....then all the games flop....


 That is because the games are just not that great.  And we have this gen two JRPG's you must have Tales of Versperia and Valkyria Chronicles.  Sometimes I even wonder if some people have played JRPG's before.

Well, to be honest except for Final Fantasy 4, I haven't played any other JRPG this generation, but I had the feeling most reviews were giving bad scores only because of the unchanged formula and prefered the western RPG. One friend told me he really liked Blue Dragon, and that one received low scores. But who knows, I haven't played them so maybe reviews are right. Anyway, don't let a review dissapoint you, play the game first and then decide.

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As i've stated in prior TLR threads, i'm not totally surprised by the questionable quality of the game because you have to look at which SE Dev team made the game. (same with IU, but that was Tri-Ace) It's not like Kitase or Nomura made this game, this Dev squad was made up mostly of people from SaGa and The Bouncer. I've never played The Bouncer, but SaGa games have generally been decent, if not forgettable. (I did like SaGa Frontier a fair bit though)

Unlimited SaGa was THE worst game I've ever played in my entire life, not joking

Edit: And not exaggerating


TLR had the battle director from FF 12. It was no made up of complete bad developers. It had some very key developers.

Like i said love/hate game


A few very key developers =/= an entire squad of good developers. The teams behind the likes of Kingdom Hearts, FFX, Chrono Trigger, etc. weren't made of a few "key" developers, and the rest being crap. They were all good, and thus, the game turned out good.