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Kasz216 said:
vlad321 said:
Naum said:
They really should make one with Chuck Norris


That would be legendary....

I don't know.  Internet hype aside Chuck Norris really has no Charisma.  He's as dull as a board of wood.

It'd probably just be something like

"Hi, i'm Chuck Norris"  Followed by a WOW animation of him spinkicking the crap out of stuff.



I think they'd make him say a Chuck Norris jokes and then one involving WoW. I mean that's what I would hope for at least.

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Wasn't Ozzy doing a commerical for a phone. It was a commerical about how he had to text message everyone what he said because no one could understand what he was saying.



Oh yeah LOL that was a funny commercial..