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Was wondering if anyone know the life expectancy of the battery inside a PS3 Crontroller? How long until it cannot hold any charges with competency?

Also what step can I take once this happens? Is there a manuel somewhere on the net to replace the lethium(?) battery inside or is this one of those 'IPOD' bring it to us deal?

Thanks in advance!

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I've had both since a month after launch. No troubles yet, both still hold their battery life for over six hours (I don't really time very accurately, so it is probably higher than that.)

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^ Same here. I have a launch ps3 and the Sixaxis still runs fine.

Launch PS3 both controllers run like new(except the one I played cod4 with, the analogs are destroyed)



hmm it looks like I won't have to worry about it anytime soon, still hope someone into techs can actually confirn the the duration of charge.

I'd like to be prepared and change it before it actually dies (I'm just weird that way :/)

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Didn't Sony state that there was no way for the end-user to change the batteries in PS3 controllers?

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I have the same question about sixasis and Dualshock 3,can anybody explain this point?

I don't want to buy a new one because the batteries.

Ah, it does appear to be replaceable:


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I was wondering about that too. Good to hear that it lasts a while.

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ooh nice find GooseGaw!,

Now all I need is to wait for a third party or sony to start selling the battery pack, considering it should be years before I have to worry about this I think I can put this off my mind for now.