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Ahh screw it ,dont know how to put the graph. Anyways alright sales

N64 is the ONLY console of the fifth generation!!!

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good for 360

Folks starting to buy for Christmas already? Wii and 360 look up fairly substantially.

Can't wait to see the software numbers.

Those numbers need a quick fix to be aligned

Ho-hum, buissness as usual. Looks like the holiday is about to go into full effect though, woot.

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Wii totals at 603k this week (beating the DS!). Christmas shopping started! =P

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Why is Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 getting so much hate? We finally get a real game and they're not even satisfied... I'm starting to hate the gaming community so f****** much...

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Wii, and xbox 360, are going to have great christmas, not so much ps3. Wii numbers are insane.

Sony will let Christmas 2008 pass them by, awell too bad, maybe next year.

Wii is doing MONSTER numbers, and 360 isn't doing too shabby either. I think 360 is going to handily top last year's numbers for the holiday season, which was unimaginable a few months ago. The price cut is having it's projected effects, and as holiday season buying moves into full speed, and Wii's sell-out, 360 is going to reap some SERIOUS benefits from frugal shoppers.

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Go Wii!

Great sales for a great console...