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If so please share your story.

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Lowest mark I ever got was last year on a physics exam: 44%. :(

I still passed cause then I got up with infinitez 95%+!!! =P

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Hmm... I'm not sure.

I think i once failed a Psychological biology test cause i suck at memorizing stuff.

That's about it though...

I've gotten C's on tests where i didn't even go to the class and didn't read the book. (had issues with the teachers.)

I've never gotten less than a 4/10 in an exam, so I don't think there's any story to share. I always had pretty good marks

One funny thing that happened me once, I got a 10 in Geography without having studied absolutely anything, and when the professor hands me the exam, she says "Great job, I'm sure you studied a lot for this test, you're a very hard-working student" or something like that, I almost laughed in her face and told her I hadn't studied.

I was once doing so bad at a junior college calculus class that I went back to the first question (name) and changed my answer to Peter Gallagher. Needless to say, I wasn't going to pass that course, but at some point after not attending classes for a few weeks, I showed back up. The teacher came to be during the break and asked "Are you .... Peter?" I had to explain the situation. Apparently I had caused him a bunch of confusion as to why a Peter would come and take a test in a subject he was awful in.

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I got 47% on a physics test once.... :(

luckily, I've been able to raise my mark to a more respectable 75% right now

First year university. 18 years old, living on campus. I did absolutely nothing related to school, and I'm not even exaggerating. I got 13% on a calc test. I'm surprised I didn't do even worse, especially when none of the symbols made sense to me. That first year was mostly terrible.

Today I did a math exam and i probably gonna get a 2.

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Man I remember bombing some hard algebra tests in HS a few years back, It was not a pretty sight when my report card came in the mail.

I'm really good at math, but I miss 9 of 10 classes in the last 4 weeks.

My definition of fanboy: An idiot that misses 2/3 of the fun.