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Would Neogaf love VGC more if it's favoured console had bigger numbers?

Kinda makes me want to join Neogaf and refer to VGC in different and creative ways in every post I make until I get permabanned from there. See how long it takes.

Too bad I don't have the time to carry it through.

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Epic Necrobump to Epic thread by Epic Member which led to Epic Ban. Nice.

I dont remember if I posted but I remember the EPIC this thread is made of

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So he finally thinks of us and puts VGC up. took long enough.


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Where the hell is Mesoteto, now? I'm adding him on Xbox Live. He was an awesome member! His "Time Lapse" photo of DMJ made this thread, for me!

Twitter: @d21lewis  --I'll add you if you add me!!

*checks profile*

Apparently, he's still here. He just never posts in any threads that I post in.

Twitter: @d21lewis  --I'll add you if you add me!!

Sorry mods, I'm drunk and want to celebrate my return with necroing this thread!

still enjoying the 3-0 victory against Germany you mean?


This is one of the best threads in the history of the site.

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