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hey guess what guys?nintendo has said the wii is getting several promising hardcore games next year!  again!. except this time its a little bit more detailed

“Well, certainly, I feel there are titles that should make that group [hardcore crowd] stand up and pay attention next year. If you look at something like ‘The Conduit,’ that’s really pushing the edge of graphic capabilities on the Wii and doing things that people didn’t think were possible. And I think, one, that makes other developers stand up and take notice. And two, that makes consumers say, “Huh. Maybe there’s something to this.” Or if you look at ‘Mad World’ [you can see] just the sheer creativity of that graphic style and the impact of the black and the white and the red. I think that next year you’re going to see the tide turn a little bit, in terms of people realizing that the Wii can have something of interest for everybody. I would assume that a title like ‘Sin & Punishment’ — and bringing that [intellectual property] to the U.S. for the first time — would start to get at that action-seeking, thrill-seeking need that that audience has. “Punch-Out,” while it may be more of a Nintendo fanboy [kind of game], still, I think, gets at that need for action.”

maybe its just me but i believe this is a very well constructed response. better than usual. of course this message is getting tiring but then again there are STILL people who dont know about these things



btw, guess who siad this. reggie? nope its none other Cammie Dunway.  in intevriews ive read she doesnt seem  as bad as she was at E3, she should stop people writing her scripts. she now seems to know what hardcore and core gamers want, plus her showing of shawn white game now actually has some merit. are these the titles your looking forward to the most next year?

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Haha, after I read that I was going to ask who said it.

Cammie Dunaway? Whaaaaat? haha

My guess is that Sega will see far better sales with its harder-edged games than Activision will see with its "Designed exclusively for Wii" titles that appear to be concepts that should have been done on launch.

I also agree that next year is a "make or break" year for third-parities and more adult fare on the Wii. If they don't come through next year, as market share approaches (and probably exceeds) 50%, then it will never come. And those who don't will be missing out on some money.

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If Fryman is right about the conduit flopping, it could seal the deal for developers not investing any real money in wii software and the hardcore gamer NOT buying a wii for limit-pushing "hardcore" games.

Time will tell whether Wii games stay with cheap or go with limit-pushing software. At the moment things looks like cheap and different is the way to go.

First I got to see it before I believe it and I agree with Mike, though there are quality 3rd party games available on the WII (think about Okami, de Blob, Boom Blox, Blast Works, yeah its great!, Zack & Wiki) but selling like crap comparing to the install base of the WII. Its an utter shame. Games that are shovelware titles, think of Rabbids and Carnival Games do sell. The morality of all this? Most people only buy this junk as they're party games and look so much fun with the family, while we as (hard)core gamers know better than that.

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From what I can tell so far, this game looks like it is going to flop. The Conduit is just such a bland title and literally sounds like shovelware. Looking at the back of the box would just make gamers say, man wtf is up with these graphics compared to the HD consoles.
It has a good chance of failing, but who knows. Maybe hardcore gamers are already buying the wii and are aware of this game.

man, I don't know what's worse.... using "The Conduit" as a hardcore game first before anything (Where's Mad World??) or the fact it's coming from Cammie Dunway.

The matter of fact is... Why would Nintendo care? their console is selling as well as their games. If I were Nintendo, i'd say SCREW YOU HARDCORE GAMERS (well, not out-loud, but just do what they are doing this Christmas)

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Doubt it. Why? Because publishers still make big bucks from Carnival games.

nintendo is doing what is called, milk somethign for all its worth strategy. Wait till sales stop dippng and THEN release something to be excited about.

I don't understand it why they didn't just build a WII with a HD DVD drive anyway. Look at the price of the 360 right now. Wii is still more expensive with only DVD, a format which is practically "dead". Of course the Wii would have cost more but look at the prices right now on Ebay, they're reaching nearly double the price of a standard Xbox 360. So with a 50-100USD more, at least we didn't have to nag constantly about the Wii graphics and then maybe... we would have seen games like Devil May Cry IV and Resident Evil 5 for instance on the WII as well instead of all the remakes they're shoving into our throats.

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