Why was wii music hyped?

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It was hyped???!!!! Where the Hell was I when all this happened???!!!!

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people were not hyped but many called it another 10 million seller :P

because wii sports, play and fit were respectable games. ok maybe not wii play

Honestly nobody was hyping the game..



Well, I, for one, still want to try it!

OP: Any hype that it may have had came from it being in the "Wii ..." series.


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I played it today, I was excited because I wanted to play the zelda tune, it was a big letdown that the song was locked, and the songs unlocked sucked a lot, it was a BIG letdown, and the game is pretty boring... I now agree with the IGN review

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Nintendo was hyped for this because it was made by Nintendo.

The press was hyped for this because it was another "casual" game by Nintendo and, knowing little or nothing about video games, they assumed it was just like Wii Sports and Wii Fit.

Actual gamers were originally interested in WiiMusic because it was developed by Nintendo (which has an awesome track record), and Shigeru Miyamoto specifically (who has an even more awesome track record). But this was all before they saw what the game was. When they saw it, they not only gave up on it, but mocked, ridiculed and in some cases openly attacked it.

......it was hyped?

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I actually wanted to buy it since early 2007, and the 'hype' was mostly positive. It was at E3 when it all went to hell.

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I don't remember any hype.

I do, however, remember a lot of people saying 1UP were the greatest reviewers on the planet for giving it an A-, the same score they gave MGS4.


Well, it practically flopped, both in sales and in reviews, so I suppose it only exceeded the hype because there was none. Except it didn't exceed the hype, because there was no hype to exceed...

The point is it's not a good game. And never looked the contrary.

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