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See, reviewers arent biased against the wii. I prefer simple gameplay and nice graphics, with no framerate drop or tings like that, cuz it would be fun than a lazy "HD" version that look like crap, has big issues and things like that.
But I think Ubisoft was lazy in this game.

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I would think that it would be better on the Wii, but you should've at least use sites that review all platforms.

Yea probably best to use sites that review all 3 but oh well I don't think it would change it too much. Hmm I'm still waiting to see Skate It reviews but I might just buy both. But first I need a balance board. Plz tell me they sell it separately from Wii Fit because there ain't no way I'm going to find Wii Fit this holiday season nor would I want to buy that game. I'm actually in shape.

Am I the only one looking forward to a 1080 Wii? Avalanche is one of my all-time favorite Gamecube games. Nintendo knows how to make games for their own systems better than most third parties.

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I can see how the Balance Board would help those scores.

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wow, well done Ubi for the Wii version

Hopefully this means they're starting to put effort into the Wii

Well, it's too bad Ubisoft has a really horrible reputation on the Wii. Sales of this game will actually suffer because of this. I won't be buying it no matter what.

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Wii gets a higher score than the HD versions, this date need to be noted!!!

LoL, HD consoles are not for this kind of games, but shooters!

nice to see another good Wii game from Ubisoft, apart from the lovely rabbits!!

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radioioRobert said:
Funny how things have flipped. This is the same game that started the Ubisoft ban movement. Ironic.

Though I can't wait to play it.........

Now EA needs to make a proper SSX game for the balance board. I hope skate it turns out like this, I remember the control schematic looked a little, well..... complicated.


No. It was one of the game that started it combined with a troll acting as though he spoke for the company (and later used the weak excuse that he never claimed he spoke for the company, even though he was an employee, and a mod on the official site).

And that's not irony. That's a turnaround.

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Its a totally crap game anyway...its really strange that people actually considering buying this game. I mean or you are a fan of the sport or you are desperate for a game. Its crap compered with all those games released in november