How much do you want the consoles you dont own?

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Just a little.

The only reason I'd want a PS3 is to play LBP and GT5.

I wouldn't buy one just for those two games though. My Wii and 360 take pretty good care of me.

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I usually buy the things I really want (realistically speaking that is) I don’t feel I need a PS3 yet I mean most of the exclusives are on or are coming to the 360. I have my Wii for the new stuff and my 360 for old (old/new play style that is)

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Don't have a 360. The only titles I'm actually bummed about not having access to are the Gears series and Mass Effect. The rest of the titles fall into the "it would be nice to have them, but I won't buy a system for them" category. Halo 3, DOA4, Perfect Dark, Kameo and a few others that aren't immediately jumping to mind.

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I REALLY want a ps3 but not sure I want to pay £360 pounds :(

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Got a PS3.

Wii - Smash Bros. and Zelda aren't enough to get me to by it....
360 - Fable 2 and Tales of Vesperia aren't enough for me to buy it....

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If I could have a PS3 for free, I'd take it. LBP, Wipeout, Valkyria Chronicles, and WKC would comprise the extent of my collection for it tho. After I got tired of those it would likely spend most of its time as an occasional use bluray player.

Not sure I'd take the Wii for free. Would take up too much space in my living room and nothing I care to play on it. At least the ps3 can double as a blu ray player :P

      I wouldn't take a PS3, I would only play R & C, LBP and VC..

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      I really, really want a PS3. MGS4, Warhawk, Resistance, LBP, too many games to mention.


      i want a ps3 just so i can have all 3 current gen home consoles, aside from that there's no need for me to own a ps3.

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      I have a 360 and i wounldnt mind having a PS3 or Wii but not enough to go out and buy one