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http://www.gwn.com/news/story.php/id/11448/The_Wii_Has_A_Porn_Problem.html So many crazy people in this world...

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“The Nintendo Wii gaming console has a wiittle porn problem. That's right; this seemingly innocent family game console has a dirty little secret. It has the dubious ability to access pornography via the internet and most parents are not aware of this fact according to www.ThePornTalk.com” Oh brother. I wish parents would actually learn about the internet, so we don't have to keep telling them how to raise their children.

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This website is run by a Christian group who clearly has an agenda. Unfortunately, fear mongering seems to be their method of choice and the Wii is just a convenient means for their end.

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Its pretty funny :) If anything, this sort of scaremongering will INCREASE sales... Wii ==> Porn ==> Good!

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They used this scare tactic for the DS too, which was completely false. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=special_coverage&id=3905371

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