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I like sandbox more. The idea that I can do the quest my way most of the time is more appealing. I do get tired that the better made one these days are mostly crimanly orientated.

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Sandbox rules. The only sandbox game I've played and disliked is TES4O. Simply can't get into it lol






i bought gta4 and didnt really like it much, got boring i think. I like uncharted, ratchet and clank tod and caod4 better- and they are linear games

Never got into them much but I got The Godfather: Blackhand Edition as a gift and really enjoyed it a lot. The safehouses prevented too much driving around and beating up store owners never got old.

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I like sandbox games... Usually they're not done well, though: either there isn't enough to do or the world is too static. By static I mean that the world doesn't react to what the player does in large scale. I guess it means random incidents as well (in Far Cry 2 it would be animals, battles etc.). Gothic 3 has some nice elements of a dynamic world (reputation and its effect) but could have more. It could also be better in other aspects. The much praised Oblivion is too static as well, as it's all about quests and random enemies (and, of course, the world, which doesn't stay interesting for very long after the beginning). GTA IV is too static, too.

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Open world games are my favorites. I have over 600 hours in Oblivion and close to 50 hours in Fable II (work is interfering with my gaming right now).

Then again, I like the simulation aspect of gaming at least as much as the "action". If I want extreme action I boot up Halo 3.

It depends, most of the time I don't see any appeal in the sandbox aspect itself.
But if it is a good game besides that, and there isn't horrible options for travelling (taking ages going anywhere, without anything happening...)

Yeah I definatly enjoy linear games more than open world. A good example for me recently was playing through Mass Effect, at first they give you all big storyline missions to do which were all great but eventually I ended up collecting all these side missions. So I figured I would try to get through them to get whatever story they had in any of em. They were basically all useless and boring, wish the people who made the game just used whatever time on all those side crap to make the main story longer even though it would have been much more linear.

The Simpsons Hit and Run was the only sandbox game I enjoyed. And that was still half-linear.

I don't really like sandbox games too much. The one exception would be GTA games, those are the only fun sandbox games.

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