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Last gen ,I did not own any open world games on my xbox,,,,this gen i have played/owned GTAIV and Far cry 2.(both open world games)


both of these games are fun the first hour or so,,,,but after that 60% of the game tranforms to a driving game with nothing happening expect for you driving around.(long drives betweeen the missions)


let me say that missions in GTAIV were much more varied than far cry 2 but generally I noticed that i enjoy linear games more.The reason is that there is alsways something happening in a linear game(no 20 min driving around without anything happening).


I have noticed that game reviewers always complain about linear games,,,,but somehow i found my self enjoying linear games more,,,,they are kinda more action packed in my opinion.


what is your opinion on this?linear or open world?


am I the only one that enjoys linear games more?




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come on people,,,let's hear your opinions.




I enjoy linear ones more. Had my share of open worlds with MMOs, and enough of those.

I don't like Sandbox games because II get bored easily by the empty space.

Pixel Art can be fun.

I hated them until I played Fallout 3 which I believe is an action-RPG but is openworld of a sort. You can go where ever you want and the world is just massive. Amazing game.

I liked No More Heros a bit but only the mission parts. The parts you went round the open world were just dire. Unfortunately I needed to play the open world part to get enough money to enter a particular mission. I found it to boring to do that and so could not enter the mission and so abandoned the game.

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I have been playing open world games since 1986(Ultima IV was the first one I played however Ultima I was made 1980) and enjoyed them much more than linear ones.

As long as there is some way of traveling fast, I'm fine with open worlds.

Generally, I prefer linear games as it's easier just to get some quick action. Burnout Paradise is a good example; it's a good game, lots of ambition, very impressive as a game - but I can't help feeling i'd rather play Burnout 3 HD instead :/.

GTA is different though. On PS2, I wasnt that fussed about the open worlds, I thought it was a bit dull, i'd just go from mission to mission. GTA IV, though, is great. I feel like i'm in a big, real, living world, and although there's nothing like hidden packages to find, I still like walking or driving around between missions, or standing on a rooftop looking out at the city and taking in the little details.

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Really depends on the gameplay and lasting appeal.

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it depends on the type of game really. some i like, some i dont