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JaggedSac said:
Is Naz an Oblivion hater or a Fallout 1/2 fan?

Both :P

@ Naz

It's tracking a lot faster than Oblivion, which ended up in the 3.5-4.0 million area. Fallout should have no trouble getting there.

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--OkeyDokey-- said:
JaggedSac said:
Is Naz an Oblivion hater or a Fallout 1/2 fan?

Both :P

LOL.  So this game is basically poison to him.


WiiStation360 said:
According to some, any game that sells under 1M first week worldwide on a single console is a flop.

Therefore, there have been only 11 games this generation that were not flops. Pretty sad for developers, in my opinion.


sweetdamn then the 360 has Halo 3, gears 1, fable 2, gta 4, and next week gears 2 , so 5 out of 12  thats pretty good numbers,   sony has gta 4, mgs4, and gt prolog got over 1 million right? that leave 4 for nintendo at this time. 

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how should we know if they flopped if we dont even know sales numbers? actually for fallout 3 its 4 million or something, so thats definatly not a flop but we dont know resistance 2 yet. NPD is thursday.


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Unless the devs were aiming for 10 million WW sales, then no, its not a flop

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Resistance 2 has this sort of hatred hovering over it. Because it wasn't competitive with Gears 2, it is put into, "this game sucks category". People throw things at how its controls sucks, and someone said the graphics were even worse than the original Resistance. Online play is bashed, and it is generally put up as a a black sheep of the Sony family of games, with it being branded as sucking, as a rationalization for why it didn't beat Gears 2.

If, for some reason, Killzone 2 doesn't set the videogame world on fire, and is outsold by Street Fighter 4, and other titles, like Halo Wars and RE5, I hope that the Killzone 2 hype isn't turned into a Killzone 2 bashfest.

colonelstubbs said:
Unless the devs were aiming for 10 million WW sales, then no, its not a flop


Also, I take something of a different tack than others here. While the game was likely profitable, the shipped/sold ration was disgustingly low last I heard. Perhaps those numbers have improved since then (I hope so!), but selling only 2 million copies when you've shipped over two million more than that is a tragedy.

VG Numbers

360 version - Over 2 million
PS3 version - 1.25 million

Hmm...well lets see; NOT A FLOP haha

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Fallout 3 didn't (or hasn't yet) sold to expectations. I doubt that 4.2M shipped has all sold yet.

But Fallout has legs like Oblivion does, and will eventualy be one of the highest selling 360 games.

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