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Well, I admit it. By general software sales the Wii sells more.

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superchunk said:
Wasn't there just a report that showed the attach ratio for Wii >= PS360 NOT including Wii Sports?

I would think that alone disproves this.

Also, I was lazy and didn't read the whole thread. Sorry if this has already been discussed.

 You should go back and read the first page at least. Turns out not even Sega really thinks this is true. Or at the very worst they think it is true right now only because no one has made good enough games so they are trying to be the first.

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Definitely cherry picking.

I could quote this article and start my own titled:

"Exclusive: Sega states that Wii is a board game that families won't play again after Christmas. Sega hates the Wii, moves to different consoles."

And ignore the rest of the interview about Sega wanting to develop for nostalgic 35 year olds and build introductory games to more hard-core genres.

Numbers: Checker Players > Halo Players

Checkers Age and replayability > Halo Age and replayability

Therefore, Checkers > Halo

So, Checkers is a better game than Halo.

I think we're making some progress here guys. Huzzah!

Still, in the end I really enjoyed this thread. Seriously, little to no bashing, evidence through sales and other facts, people moving on instead of taking the ship with them... all good stuff here.

As a Sega and a Nintendo fan, I'm definitely looking forward to their lineup next year with The Conduit, MadWorld, House of the Dead: Overkill, and Sonic & the Black Knight. Welcome back Sega, it's good to see you fighting the good fight.

How come some people think they've got more knowledge about these things than SEGA?


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Gamerace said:
Thanks senortaco for the link to the whole article!

The original quote is an over-simplification but I get where he's coming from. HD consoles it's easy to make a game for their audience because developers know them well since they ARE them. It's not so easy with Wii. You either target specific sectors of the Wii market like Sega is doing with going for the over 30 crowd with HoTD:Overkill, Madworld, Conduit and even to a lesser extent with NiGHTS, Samba de Amigo, and the various Sonic. After all a lot of that 30+ crowd once owned Sega consoles... Ubisoft is targeting girls with their (icky) line-up, EA sport and board game fans and of course Sims, and there's a large untapped woman's market waiting for someone smart enough to make games for it.

OR you have to make a game with very board appeal and the only publisher who really remembers how to do that is Nintendo who never stopped making games for all ages.

Either way, unlike HD gamers who need a steady stream of game to play for long periods of time (like 6 hours... lol) many Wii gamers will play a game for a while, put it away and may not pick it up for weeks or months or only when friends are over - like a board game. Not to say they won't buy more. People usual own lots of boardgames.

Heyyyyy no problem. =D


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Ajax said:
How come some people think they've got more knowledge about these things than SEGA?

 I know its strange. People really should be agreeing with Sega and pushing for more hardcore games to be put on the Wii to try and tap that larger userbase. Still some people (like Kotaku) want to disagree with people who are making the games for the consoles and know how well they have done and bash the Wii. Or did you not read the actual interview with Sega either?

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I find it sad that few people were willing to read the original article to understand the F@#KING LIBERTIES that Kotaku.com took with the article. My respect for that website was low, but now it's nonexistent.

...What I also find bothersome is how hard people are willing to ignore fact when discussing their argument. The Wii sells more then just Nintendo's games. Lets get over that fact and we'll be fine, lol.

The Interweb is about overreaction, this is what makes it great!

...Imagine how boring the interweb would be if everyone thought logically?

Heh and people doubted me when I said that Kotaku in general and Luke in particular hates the Wii.

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