PS3 fans shouldn't stress too much at increased Xbox 360 EU sales.

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I said the same thing to Xbox 360 fans when the PS3 was beating the Xbox 360 in worldwide sales a few months ago.  At the end of the day, neither of these consoles will EVER have a large enough majority over one-another to cause any shift in the number of games they receive relative to one-another.  All that might change if one gets a significant lead is that the console company will have to pay a little less for money-hatted exclusives.

At the end of the day, these consoles largely count as one platform to developers, a platform that resists the causalitis the Wii is producing.  This is not a slight on the Wii's games, but rather me pointing out the obvious.  The high-budget, high-graphics games that a lot of people love appear on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

So don't worry, PS3 fans are not going to lose more than 1 or 2 (if any) games over this increase in Xbox 360 sales.  In fact, it benefits them to the extent that more developers will choose to make Xbox 360/PS3 games over Wii games, as has already been seen in Japan.

For example, whilst the PS3 may get old ports of Eternal Sonatat, Enchanted Arms (and in the future probably Vesperia and Star Ocean 4), the fact of the matter is these games would probably be on the Wii if the Xbox 360 wasn't bolstering the HD base.

Sometimes, we need to support our common gaming goal: a world in which both high-budget immersive games and causal games are sustainable, rising above petty HD-console politics.

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Its only the PS3 fanboys worrying, and we all know they only care about the numbers, and it isn't looking pretty or them.


interesting theory.

I am hoping KH3 is Ps360 now....as I feel S-E will find that path better than wii exclusive

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ok first the LBP thread then the LBP post in another thread now THIS???
did sony pay u??? lol

ot: as long as the gap is in 7-8 million range I think things will be fine ,,

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Teaming up against the Wii, huh? starcraft, you bastard!

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The X360 is down this week in Others, relative to last, and the PS3 is up.

Did I miss something in the data?



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Lets not go too far.


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Why would you stress at all, people stressing because a video game console is selling..

The ps3 is doing fine, there is no need to worry about it, the 360 is doing amazingly well, why are people bothered that its doing better than the other?

Video games becoming more mainstream is always a good thing, why would people not want a console to sell.. unless it sucks, and neither of them do.