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 scottie said:
Just buy Wii music instead


He'd probably be better off buying the original rock band or GH3 than Wii Music. He's right in saying they're too expensive, but Wii Music isn't a viable alternative to GH or RB.

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You could buy an ACTUAL Electric guitar for these prices. Sure, it's a lot harder to use, but it looks a lot cooler sitting against the wall. :D

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Yeah they're expensive...but considering they're multiplayer music games...if you've got close friends who are going to play it all the time, make them chip in.

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You don't need the bundle to play GH:WT, just a guitar. You can even use a guitar from an older GH game.

i totally agree, im not sure how much it is over here in aus but ill put a guess on 300 dollars. None the less ill prob end up getting gh:wt

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GooseGaws said:
You're actually getting three games' worth of content: Karaoke Revolution Super-Deluxe, Guitar Hero Whopping Master, and Drum Mania Ultimate Freakshow.

Hard to complain about that.


Americans officially have no right to complain about the price of GH or RB. Here in the UK it costs £150 for GH:WT - thats almost $300. For one game. RB costs about $30 less, but only because it's been out longer and some retailers have cut it's price a bit.

PS3s here are $580 - the cheapest they have ever been, and PS3 games are $80, Wii games are $70.

Really, you guys are very lucky.

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I agree, too expensive. $180 Rock Band 2 VS $199 Xbox360.

It is very expensive but $100 for the full band package is ridiculous. $60 for the game plus $20 for the USB mic plus $40 for the guitar plus $60 for the drums is $180 already. And the drums probably cost more.

You guys need to lower your expectations if you think they're gonna sell you a USB mic, a wireless guitar, and wireless drums all for $40-60. The price sucks but the value's alright.

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Yeah, both are expensive. Considering I have my sisters, well its well worth the admission ($180) but I really don't want Rock Band 2. First its a shame how they haven't made a price cut on the original Rock Band. Its still freaking $140 or something at Gamestop....like WTF!!!

So I'm planning on getting Guitar Hero: World Tour sometime next month. But I will be getting the guitar-only bundle. And then I will purchase Guitar Hero II and then Guitar Hero III, to catch on the Guitar Hero goodness!!