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Is there anyone close to getting this achievement that can let me watch? I just passed 50k renown for myself but did not receive the achievement for some reason...

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Anyone close that can help me out?

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I can help..

Link: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=97824

The link above gives you a guide on all the achievements in Fable 2. And if you don't want to search the guide here is the description on how to get the Fable 2 Celebrity achievement:

The Celebrity - 50
Reach 50,000 renown, or see another Hero do so.

All quests shell out renown points, so do as many as you can. Quests later on in the game obviously get tougher and net more points, 50,000 isn't really that much when considering some of the later quests are worth 5k plus. Here's a list of worthwhile renown quests which give loads of renown and become available after you’ve achieved the Hero of Will achievement that is tied to the story:

- Westcliffe Development – Renown 1500 (will cost you an initial 5k in gold though but you’ll get it back)
- Hobbe Squaters – Renown Reward 3500
- The Blind Date – Renown Reward 3500

The following will become available at some point after you travel through Wraithmarsh:

- Treasure Island of Doom! – Renown 7500
- T.O.B.Y – Renown 4000 (Bloodstone)
- Love Hurts – Renown 8500 (Bowerstone Cemetary)
- Evil in Wrathmarsh – Renown 4000
- Something Rotten – Renown 3500 (Rookridge Inn)
- Brightwood Tower – Renown 3000
- Rescuing Charlie – Renown 5000

Completing the game is worth 10k renown as well, so bear that in mind.

I already beat the game, I already got over 50k renown, it just did not give me the achievement...

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Huh? If you check out the Fable 2 game forum at Xbox forums, there are several people in the 1000 club, so it works, but I'm not sure why you did get it...they can probably provde you with some help.

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I have done everything correctly. The game just apparently bugged out on me individually. That is why I would like someone to allow me to watch them receive over 50k renown to see if I can receive the achievement that way.

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Bro, I don't know then. I would make a thread at 360achievements.org and see everyone responses there. They our achievement junkies so they should really answer your question quicker.

Your best option is to start anew and see if you can get it again. I mean you beat the game anyway so run another play through.